This Fitness Expert Got Real About How Your Diet Affects Your Booty

If you’re going HAM on the squats and still not getting the bigger booty you’re after then you need to take a closer look at what you’re eating, according to this fitness expert.

Personal trainer, nutritional specialist and bikini bodybuilder, Marta Mielczarskaa, posted a before and after pic of herself on Instagram detailing the dietary changes required to build her butt.

“Well first of all your diet needs to be on point and you need to eat A LOT,” Marta writes.

Yep, another reason to stop cutting calories. More fuel is fundamental.

“The only way to put on muscle mass is a surplus of kcal.”

Marta – who has been open about her battle with anorexia – told POPSUGAR that she was eating 1,800 calories in the picture on the left, taken a year and a half before the one on the right.

“Now I eat 2,200 calories,” she said.

Although we’re super excited about the extra eating, she also said an effective, and consistent, training program is key.

Start with these four moves to sculpt your thighs and butt…

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