Should You Work Out On Your Period? Kayla Itsines Has The Answer

Kayla Itsines has answered the age-old question: ‘Should you work out on your period?’ And the answer is surprisingly simple.

The BBG co-founder shared her advice on her Instagram account in an informative post.

“Women often ask me whether they should train if they have their period,” she wrote. “This really depends on how YOU are feeling at the time. My opinion is to do whatever you feel is right. If you are in pain, you have a headache or your back feels swollen and sore, I recommend you rest.”

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She added that if you’re feeling alright though, she has different advice.

“If you are feeling “OKAY” then a nice LISS walk is a good option. If you aren’t feeling any pain or discomfort at all, feel free to exercise as you wish!

“Always listen to your body and NEVER push yourself to exercise when you are sick or in serious pain. Always rest, get better, eat well, stay hydrated and THEN when you feel better, you can start training again.”

We’re all for listening to your body – usually it’s the best way to tell if working out will do you good or not.

If you’re looking for some appropriate workouts to try when on your period, check out this list of best workouts for each stage of your menstrual cycle.

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