Jennifer Aniston's Surprisingly Simple Workout Motivation

She has been named People’s 2016 Most Beautiful Woman, but it turns out that Jennifer Aniston is just like one of us when it comes to finding motivation to work out.

Surprisingly, the actress experiences the same struggles we do when it comes to staying on top of daily exercise. She said to “think of a wonderful pasta or Mexican meal that you want to have on the weekend and dangle that in front of you like a little carrot.” She also advised to just “bite the bullet and do it.” Jen has a good point. Visualise and do.

The actress’s exercise regime is actually quite doable. Each week, she incorporates three spin-yoga classes, and spends the rest of her workout week doing a mix of weight training exercises at her home. She said her go to workout is to “spend fifteen minutes on the bike, fifteen on the elliptical and 15 on the elliptical.”

Next time you feel unmotivated to exercise, remember that even Jennifer Aniston has those moments. Meditate on the visualisation that Jennifer Aniston uses, if it can work for her hopefully it can work for you!

Source: InStyle

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