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You wouldn’t be in the minority if you thought intentions and goals were the same thing.

But you see, the very thing that sets intentions apart from goals (or wishes) is also the same thing that makes them one million times more achievable AND one zillion times likely to manifest (I’m big on exaggerating numbers to get my point across, but you get it). 

Everything that happens in your life starts with intention (whether you are conscious of it or not). Intentions are the basis of what makes you the creator of your own reality, and they’re what makes manifestation possible and not just a term hyped up by The Secret. The distinction between intentions and goals is subtle, but also profound. 

Goals are based on logic, reasoning and actionable steps. You can see a very clear path and by using your intellect you plan how you are going to achieve them. Which is all well and good…

But what if you truly desire something, but you can’t figure out for the life of you how you could possibly ever have it? Does that mean you should give up on that dream or desire simply because you can’t intellectually solve the riddle? Well according to the Law of Vibration (the basis of intentions), absolutely not.

The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency (people, animals, money, inanimate objects, everything) and that things with a similar frequency are drawn to each other. It’s the reason we attract certain people into our lives, why we always pull relevant oracle cards, and why your best friend always texts you just at the moment you’re thinking about them.

So how do we use this universal law to reach a desired outcome? Well, we set intentions of course.

Setting intentions is not a dissimilar process to setting goals, but instead of thinking about how you’re going to get there you focus on how achieving that ‘goal’ is going to make you feel.

You see, feelings and emotions make up our bodies vibrational frequency and if you can feel into a specific intention according to the Law of Vibration it will have no choice but to be drawn towards you. Are you still with me? 

Goal setting traps us in the what, when, why and how conundrum. Whereas intention setting doesn’t allow us to get too bogged down in the details. When we’re constantly trying to answer all the aforementioned questions we set up too many boundaries. We become paralysed and our mind starts throwing around words like ‘impossible’, ‘not worthy’, ‘someday’.   

However, if we can exercise a little bit of trust that something greater than ourselves (albeit, the Universe) will take care of the details we just have to focus on how we want to feel. When setting an intention I always ask for ‘this or something better’, that way however it is delivered to me, I can be sure it’s in my best interest. 

Want to manifest a new relationship? Your intention might be to bring more love into your life. Instead of concentrating on how, where and when you’re going to meet them, you instead focus on what it would feel like to already have that person in your life.

Want to manifest more money? Great! It’s actually easier than you think. How is having more money going to make you feel? Abundant? Secure? Safe? Like a baller? Whatever more money feels like to you concentrate on that, rather than counting all the ways you can save an extra $20. I manifested $20,000 using the Law of Vibration (in one lump sum). This stuff works.

Jordanna Levin is a holistic wellness coach. You can download her guide to setting clear intentions here.

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