Here’s How Emilia Clarke Got In Shape To Play The Mother Of Dragons

In the seven seasons of Game Of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen has walked through fire, overthrown unjust rulers and gone to battle on the back of dragons. While these might be fictional feats, Emilia Clarke has needed plenty of strength and stamina to act out these intense scenes.

According to Whimn, the Mother of Dragons (along with other kickarse women like Rosie Huntington Whitely and Rita Ora) follows Aussie fitness expert James Duigan’s Clean and Lean method.

Food wise, this involves cutting out overly processed ingredients and keeping meals as fresh as possible, incorporating lean protein, fat and a colourful assortment of vegetables. In his cook book Clean and Lean For Life, James also recommends reducing caffeine, refined sugar and alcohol, but he’s all about moderation.

“The only thing that works is balance,” he told Whimn. “The minute you begin to weigh your food, count your kilojoules or beat yourself up for going out for dinner, it’s over. You are on a countdown to yet another unsuccessful ‘diet’.”

When it comes to working out, James recommends a range of exercises including interval training, weights, yoga and pilates. He also tells his clients to take a resistance band on the road while fulfilling their hectic filming schedules.

It’s the perfect travel partner and the best way to stay in shape whilst travelling,” he said. 

“Using resistance bands can help develop a beautiful, long, lean body, without placing your muscles under extreme pressure.”

Now we just need to find out how to get Jon Snow’s booty…

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