11 Cute Pieces Of Workout Gear That Will Protect You From The Sun

When you hear the term “sun-protective clothing,” do you immediately picture those fugly rash guards your mom forced you wear to the beach as a kid? (*cringe*)

Well, luckily that gear has improved over the years. Plenty of retailers, are designing sun-protective clothing that you’d actually want to be seen in. And that’s a good thing not only for the beach, but for your workouts: “Sometimes even the best sunscreens will sweat off relatively quickly if you’re doing heavy exercise,” Eva Hurst, M.D., told WomensHealthMag.com in a previous interview.

Because, yeah, your go-to cotton running tank does help shield your skin—but not quite as effectively as clothes made with sun-protective material. Case in point: Noli Yoga uses ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) 50 material for all their workout apparel, “which means only 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation reaches the skin,” says founder and CEO Slava Furman. By comparison, that cotton tank has a UPF of about four to 10, says Hurst.

If that didn’t convince you, just take a look at how cute this stuff is:

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