Khloe Kardashian’s Trick For Getting Through A Tough Workout

Anyone who knows anything about the Kardashian family – or has access to Snapchat/Insta/TV/the interwebs – will know that they love to workout. A LOT.

But out of all the sisters though, Khloe seems to push herself the hardest (just look at her recent body transformation). Which left us wondering exactly how she keeps herself motivated to hit the gym every day.   

Cue: the “ugly face.”

Speaking with INSIDER, the 33-year-old’s trainer Gunnar Peterson shared his trick for getting her through an intense sweat sesh.

“Our gym is the place where people can let their hair down, they can make the face, they can scream the obscenity,” he said. 

“When they’re slamming the medicine ball on the floor with everything they have, you just let it rip, no inhibitions.”

That’s why he tells his clients: “Don’t be afraid to let your hair down. Don’t be afraid to get ugly.”

Along with staying hydrated, Peterson says getting Khloe out of her comfort zone is the key to seeing results.

“If you say ‘I don’t want to do this,’ that’s not going to change the course of the workout,” he adds. 

But perhaps his best piece of advice for keeping focused? 

“Don’t lose sight of short-term and long-term goals.” Regardless of whether you want to feel confident in a bikini or simply improve your overall health.

Swearing like a sailor and embracing our red melons aside, anything that’ll help us get abs as sculpted as Khloe’s is good enough for us. 

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