Introducing The 2016 Women's Health Next Fitness Star: Brooke Bevan

Say hello to the winner of our 2016 Next Fitness Star comp: Brooke Bevan, 32, a CrossFit level 2 trainer and strength and conditioning coach from Brisbane, Qld. Killer body aside, it’s her can-do attitude that won us over – she used CrossFit to recover from two serious accidents (one in which she broke a vertebra in her neck, then also one in her mid-back) and came back stronger than ever. She also has almost three university degrees (she’s currently doing her third, a Bachelor of physiotherapy) and owns two CrossFit gyms. Wow.

And she’s called it: EMOM, short for ‘every minute on the minute’, is the new interval training. “It has the power to completely annihilate you and gives amazing results for both your strength and cardiovascular fitness,” she says. You need to maintain a certain number of reps for the minute – the quicker you get it done the more rest you get. “Mentally it really forces you to push yourself to finish as soon as possible so you can get more recovery time, and you have your arse handed to you if you move too slowly because you need to move straight on to the next exercise. Plus, it is tailored to your ability level.” Bonus: you’ll notice results in two weeks!

For more info and tips from Brooke check out the latest issue of Women’s Health.

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