How Nina Dobrev Completely Overhauled Her Eating And Exercise Regime

Nina Dobrev – best known for her role on Vampire Diaries and as the new face of Reebok and Les Mills – has opened up about her eating and exercise regime.

The actor told Shape that her attitude to health and fitness has completely changed, with a new focus on strength training and eating more.

Yep, more. We’re so down with that.

“I used to eat three full meals and then I would not be able to move after each meal,” Nina told Shape. “I would be so full and tired. Now, I eat all the time but portion control is what’s important for me—I’m eating more in total but not more at a time.”

“I aim to have the size of my thumb in fat, the size of my palm in protein, and then unlimited veggies. I wish I’d learned this in school.”

And when it comes to working out, these days the 28-year-old – who was recently a bridesmaid for fellow fitness devotee Julianne Hough – is all about upping the weights.

“I actually did not do a lot of [strength training] in the past – I only did yoga and ran in terms of training,” she said. “Strength training with weights and such a regimented schedule has been new to my life, and now that I understand the way it all works, the science behind it, it’s changed everything for me. I eat so much more than I used to, and I feel so much leaner and stronger than I ever imagined I’d be.”

“I do it first thing when I wake up because then I can’t make up an excuse for it, like being tired later on in the day,” Nina said. “Because usually by 6 p.m. you’re just like, I have no energy. I’ve done all the things I’ve done! I don’t want to do anything else! I just get it done in the morning.”

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