5 Moves That Will Score You A Six Pack

While you can’t spot reduce fat on one particular area of the body, there are tried and tested methods for building a strong core and that sought-after six pack. Women’s Health Fitfluencer and athlete, Katie Williams, explains how. 

Start small

Work on your core with simple exercises first, making sure technique and posture is correct before you jump into anything. Beginner yoga and pilates are amazing for strengthening the core and they integrate fundamental exercises for balance and stability.

Up your cardio

Doing ‘fasted’ cardio first thing in the morning will encourage your body to burn its fat stores. This could be anything from walking the dog, a 45 minute power walk or a light jog. Six-packs are the result of low body fat percentage, and this is definitely achievable over time with consistent healthy choices and regular exercise.

Change your sessions up

Our bodies adapt very quickly to stimulus, we need to constantly keep the body guessing by throwing in new exercises and pushing ourselves into new movements. Try adding in a different core exercise per week, or progressively overload by increasing the reps and intensity.

Work in all dimensions

Our bodies don’t function in one plane of movement, so why would our abs? Throwing in movements that incorporate all of our abdominal muscles are vital for overall core toning. Include exercises that rotate, twist and turn your body like you do in real life.

Be patient

There is no such thing as “spot reducing” fat in specific areas of your body. You won’t get a six-pack overnight. Instead, focus on sticking to a consistent exercise plan and eat whole foods. Both go hand in hand to decrease your body fat over time. And lastly, don’t make it a chore. Workout with a friend, get the help of a PT, buy a new cookbook and just enjoy the process.

Here’s 5 core exercises that will give you tight toned abs…

Plank and rotate

Not your average plank. Twisting in a plank position fires up the core and works those love handles. Begin in a plank position holding a one to three kilo dumbbell in each hand and reach for the ceiling with straight arms before returning to your original position.


Start on all fours, with knees directly under your hips and your hands under shoulders. Remember to keep abs engaged and keep your back flat. Reach out with your right hand and extend your left leg out behind you, repeat this movement back and forth whilst squeezing the abdominal muscles.

Bicycle crunch

Lying on your back, focus on using your muscles, slowly and steadily pull your elbow to your opposite knee.

Twisting wood chop with medicine ball

Start with your feet a touch wider than hip distance apart. Twist to the left raising the ball over to your left shoulder and pull down to the right side in a chopping motion.

Jackknife sit-up

Similar to a V sit-up. Starting with arms overhead and legs straight reach to the sky in a V position and back down again. Making sure your shoulders are leaving the ground.

Throw these in after every gym session, even if it’s only 5-10 minutes. Consistency is key!

Also, you cannot out train a bad diet. Be aware of mindless consuming. Opt for nutrient dense foods and eat less crap.

Katie Williams is part of the Women’s Health Fitfluential Network and her mega passion for life is contagious! Katie’s a champion beach sprinter and Ninja Warrior, and her aim is to “lead and inspire the women of Australia to be best version of themselves”. 

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