Letter from the Editor: Winds of change

This shift in weather reminds me of how familiar the MNT editorial team is with change and transition. These are recurring themes running through how we operate, and I’m proud of how agile we all are.

Test, analyze the data, pivot; this has been our way of working for quite some time now, and it is this ability to adapt to what our readers need and want that I believe has brought us such monumental success.

And what were you curious about this month, dear reader? Our original Spotlight article on how sex affects the brain caught your attention, as did our report on how two existing drugs combined destroy lung cancer.

You were also interested in a biological tattoo that could catch cancer in its early stages.

In our Nutrition category, you were most interested in learning about high-protein foods and plant-based protein sources.

You were also curious about cervical penetration and how to fart.

Continuing on the theme of change, our homepage will soon get a facelift, which will enable you to access our News content with greater ease. Watch for this change and please send us your feedback in the coming weeks as it goes live.

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