5 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Her Breasts

Whether you’re C or a G cup these are the stats you never knew about your perky two.

The Imperfect Duo

So we all knew that no woman’s breasts are the same as the next but its quite common for women to have two different sized boobs. The condition called breast asymmetry affects more than half of women. The same goes for your nipples they come in all shapes, sizes and colours but not necessarily in sets – mind blown. Unfortunately, science is out on exactly why they aren’t the same and there’s no cause for concern so let’s just accept our indifferences and move on!

Perky pecs? 

We hate to break it to you but all of those push-ups are doing nothing for your bust. Breasts are made up or fat, tissues and glads. They fluctuate in size every month as they are very responsive to hormones and are also very susceptible to weight changes – they are often the first place you’ll see weight gain or loss. So all of those pec exercises won’t result in a perkier pair.

Bump Test

We can’t emphasize enough the importance on knowing your boobs and giving yourself regular breast checks. This is the key to catching breast cancer early, 20% of the time, breast cancers are found by physical checks opposed to mammograms. Radiologist and Pink Hope expert Professor Mary Rickard recommends that if you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer and “have an increased risk then you need to start regular clinical and imaging checks at a younger age, and you should discuss this with your doctor.”

Annual mammograms are recommended every two years for women aged over 50 by Pink Hope and the National breast screening program.

Fit Right In

Uh oh a study by the Chiropractic & Osteopathy Journal found that 80 per cent of women were wearing bras that were the wrong size. Wearing the wrong sized bra puts unnecessary tension on your back, shoulders and chest. Before you colour coordinate your gym outfit take a second look at your sports bras, raise your hands above your head, if the band slides around it’s not supporting your girls and it’s time for an upgrade.

Go Figure

Your boobs can move up to 12cm during a workout but as Pamela Anderson so famously demonstrated in Baywatch this movement isn’t just up and down. During a run or high intensity workout without a supportive bra breasts actually move in the shape of a figure 8.

So there you have it! You learn something new everyday

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