Travel enriches a person, says Tannishtha Chatterjee

Tannishtha Chatterjee is living her best life. The actor, singer and director has to her credit movies such as Brick Lane, Anna Karenina with Keira Knightley (where she played Masa, a gypsy woman), Lion (with Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman), Parched, Angry Indian Goddesses, and Gulaab Gang, among others.

She recently made her directorial debut with Roam Rome Mein, where she also starred alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui, for which she won the Asian Star Award at this year’s prestigious Busan film festival. She’s won a National Award, recently adopted a girl, and sang at the Royal Opera House in London with British composer Jocelyn Pook. What’s it like to be doing it all and still just 38? Take a look.

I believe in a combination of balanced diet and regular exercise. Physical activity just enhances well-being.

My favourite form of exercise is swimming. I prefer outdoor pools. If the weather permits then I go for walks and now that I have adopted a four-year-old daughter I go to the park often so she can play and I can enjoy a walk.

I don’t like to exercise in an air-conditioned room so even when I do yoga at home I use a room with a huge window so it’s breezy and I can look out at the lovely mangroves.

I do not diet. I have proper three meals and an evening snack. Breakfast is lots of seasonal fruit and either eggs, poha, upma or a bowl of cereal with dry fruit.

Lunch is fish or chicken, rice, veggies and salad. My favourite evening snack is nachos, cookies or crackers and cheese. In the evenings I have green tea or black tea. For dinner, I have usually rotis and veggies along with one non-veg item. My guilty pleasure is sweets and my favourite is mishti doi.

Music is my passion and love to listen to music as well as sing as I am a trained classical singer. Music instantly de-stresses me. I also love to spend time amid nature. I love reading, especially the poetry of Haruki Murakami.

What helps me to relax these days is my little daughter. I enjoy playing puzzles with her or reading to her. Motherhood has given me a routine. I sleep on time and don’t stay out till late. I wake up early to get her ready for the school, and I love it all.

Travelling is enriching for mind, body and soul and I love exploring new places. Usually, after each shoot, I try and stay back for a week off and just enjoy the place.

I don’t have a TV. I have unsubscribed to most apps. And I always set my phone aside when exercising or playing with my little one.

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