This Is The One Workout Move Behind Jennifer Lopez’s Enviable Abs

She undoubtedly has the most enviable abs in the biz. So, when J-Lo’s trainer dishes allll of his secrets for keeping the singer in shape, you bloody bet we’re front and centre taking notes.

David Kirsch (whose name you might recognise as the magic behind Kate Upton’s incredibly fit physique) tells Health that it’s all about keeping the mid-section strong.

And the best move for transforming a flabby tum into a literal cheese grater? Side-plank oblique crunches.  

“It’s perfect for when you need to focus on shaping and toning not only the obliques but the entire core,” he said.  

To start: position yourself in a regular plank with your legs extended, feet and hips stacked and your forearm on the floor in line with your shoulder.

Place your free hand behind your head then slowly rotate your torso, bringing your elbow in towards your belly button. Return to the start and repeat 15 times per side.

Full disclosure: this move does require a little finesse. But once you’ve mastered the balance/coordination factor, you’ll be on your way to tone-town in no time. 

Washboard abs, come at us!

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