Hygiene: So, you can avoid germs in the bottle

Reusable drinking bottles made of plastic, glass or stainless steel are definitely a good Start to the plastic madness sustainably counteract.

Especially on the road, during Sport or on a wheel – and Hiking trips, they are a practical companion.

But there are hazards: In rare cleaning, can bottles eco-friendly drinking to hurl quickly Germ-convert.

The following tips should be observed.

Error during cleaning

The bacteria multiply quickly in beverage residues, especially when sugar – containing drinks in bottle or fruit sugar residues to the bottle opening, for example, should a short time before was an Apple eaten.

Sugar is the breeding ground for the bacteria – these are invisible, odourless and tasteless, so you can’t see them at all, and in the bottle.

The Fatale: especially if it has to go fast, is rinsed the bottle with warm water, but it is exactly as the error says Friederike Kaiser, consulting a doctor, in a press release, the R V insurance is.

Proper cleaning to kill germs

Kaiser advises: “After every use the water bottle with hot water and detergent should be cleaned intensively.

The best should be used for cleaning a brush, to remove as bacteria films or build-up drinks”.

Caution: The fine cracks of the roughened Material in the case of older plastic bottles are very susceptible to bacteria proliferation.

But even just the Points that come with the mouth in contact, so Trinkaufsätz, the Transition between bottle neck and bottle belly, are often attacked by pathogens. The pathogen can cause diarrhea, vomiting, stomach – and headache.

Drinking the wrong in the dishwasher clean?

Depending on the manufacturer and the Material of the bottle can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. Many insulated bottles, however, are not suitable for dishwasher cleaning, otherwise the Isolation level. So water can get in between the spaces and decay.

But also the optics can suffer because or colored coatings imprints are destroyed and scratched. The heat of a dry operation, can closures deform the bottle or the closure or seal so they will leak – even in the dishwasher suitable for drinking the wrong Drink.

Therefore, a thorough hand wash is recommended.

For more cleaning tips for drink bottles

  • Quick boil: water in a saucepan to at least 80 degree heat. The bottle is approximately 2-3 minutes in a hot water bath to boil with a slotted spoon gently press down. Bacteria and viruses are killed. In the case of plastic should be in the fuel consumption guide looked, how high the maximum operating temperature is.
  • For some bottles, there are special cleaning tablets, the stubborn dirt can remove. They have a similar effect to a resolution of baking powder.
  • The detergent-cleaned bottles always let them dry out and open store.

Paula Kramer

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