New of Kayla Itsines: 15 minutes HIIT Workout for arms and stomach

If the day only a little time remains for a sporty balance, is a High Intensity interval Training (HIIT) is exactly the Right thing.

Here, you can bring in a short time your body to its Limit, and the afterburner effect greatly benefit.

But not only that: Depending on how the focus within the training set, you can simultaneously target several muscle groups, intense appeal.

Intense stimuli for the torso

Fitness Influencerin Kayla Itsines shows you in your new Workout exactly how to do that: In a crisp 15 minutes, especially the poor, as well as the abdominal muscles to the collar.

A further advantage of this HIIT-Workouts: Since no additional Equipment is required, you can do it fast even if you at home through. Grab your workout Mat, then it can start already!

HOWTO: The Workout consists of 6 Exercises, all of which are performed without Pause in a row. Imagine for a Timer and practice until the time is about to expire.

1. X-Push-Up – 6 reps per side

Kayla is directly challenging in the Training: First, an intense push to master Variation.

  • Output position is the upright pushup position. Make sure that your hands are directly under your shoulders, fingers pointing forward.
  • Lead a support by sun. If you have pressed back to the top, release the right Hand and the left foot from the floor, you go in front of your body.
  • It is followed by a further push-UPS before the other two limbs dissolves and also in front of the body follow along.

Although the Push-aimed at Ups clearly on the arms and the chest, must also be part of your body under constant tension put – not moving to your navel, but don’t forget to Breathe.

2. Side Plank & Hip Lift – 12 reps each side

Intense it is also the same. Now, the focus is placed primarily on the lateral muscles of your body.

  • Position yourself first on a page: Your weight is on one forearm and your feet – the rest of your body is in the air.
  • Stretch the free Arm up and out and do the Hip Lifts, by absenkst your hip to the ground and back to the Straight lift.

After you have carried out in this way to 12 reps, the other side of the row.

To important: your body continuously working, you should drop your hips at any time of execution on the ground.

3. Shoulder Tap – 12 repetitions per side

It continues with another Variation of the Plank. The Nice thing about this Exercise is that it not only makes your abdominal muscles work intensively, but also many more muscle strands puts your body under high voltage.

  • Position yourself in the high Plank. Perform in this position, the Shoulder Taps by solving, in turn, always a Hand from the floor and the shoulder on the other side just touch.

As with any version of the Plank is to Keep your head during the whole execution in the extension of your spine to protect your spine. You look on the ground and not to the front.

4. Plank Dip – 12 reps per side

Because the Plank is so nice and effective, here is another Variation of the Exercise – this Time, your side abdominal muscles are back in focus.

  • Starting position is the Plank. Sink into this Position, controls your hips to one side down, until it touches close to the ground. Bend the Plank back and sink you, finally, to the other side.

In this Exercise, it is tempting to work with momentum instead of force – however, this would only damage the effectiveness of the execution. Work, therefore, prefer a little slower but controlled to send targeted stimuli to your muscle strands.

5. Side-to-Side Half Burpee – 6 reps per side

You’re still not completely out of breath and your pulse could also beat a little faster? Then you will create this Exercise is certainly a remedy – a lot of fun with the Burpees!

  • Output position is the upright pushup position. Jump with your legs is a piece of to your hands and jump back into high Plank.
  • With each jump a little direction – a little more to the right, then to the left Hand.

In this Exercise, a it is recommended the breathing to the movement to Breathe, if you to the hands vorspringst and breathe again when you jump back to the starting position.

6. Bent-Leg Jackknife – 12 Reps

The last Exercise is your abdominal muscles is guaranteed to give the Rest of it – especially the straight muscle strands now have to even believe in it.

  • From laying you on your back and stretch both your arms and your legs straight.
  • The Jackknifes are running, you should raise all limbs at the same time in front of your body moving, and then again.

During the execution of your arms and legs should not touch the ground, logically – your body is placed under constant tension.

Also in this case, you can adjust your breathing wonderfully on the movement. This means: Exhale when your body contracts.

When your Timer rings then, have you made it perfect!

Cornelia Bertram

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