Victoria Beckham Is Getting Mommy-Shamed for This Photo of Brooklyn Beckham

At 19, the most remarkable thing about Brooklyn Beckham isn't the fact that he's the progeny of athletic and musical royalty, nor is it his preternatural talent as a photographer. But rather, it's his incredibly close relationship with both of his parents.

Not only do David and Victoria Beckham fawn over their eldest son (as they do with their other three children), but, in a twist completely unfamiliar to most other teens, he seems to fawn right back. He attends A-list events as his parents' plus-one, spends as much of his free time as possible at home with his family, and, per one of Victoria's recent Instagram posts, serves as her personal chauffeur.

That benign post, however, recently sparked a bit of a controversy and, as is too often the case, a bout of mommy-shaming, StyleCaster reports.

"Contemplating how to rate today's Uber driver ? #whynoshirt," Victoria jokingly captioned the selfie, in which Brooklyn sits in the driver's seat without a shirt, putting several of his chest and arm tattoos on full display. Though many commenters praised the Beckhams's close family bond, others attacked Brooklyn's "extensive" ink.

"Oh Brooklyn don't cover your beautiful skin with too many tattoos. Fresh beautiful skin is amazing too," one person wrote. "Don't have too many tattoos Brooklyn you're stuck with em when they're no longer fashionable," another added. One more commenter wrote, "BK's tattoos are a patchwork of bad sketches, eh another 'I'm so original' millennial."

Several of these trolls also attacked Victoria's parenting, leaving comments like, "The parenting of these kids seems so laisse fair [sic] but sometimes people should stop and think about whether they're moving too fast," "As a mother, I would have NEVER posted a picture like this. Nothing to be proud of," and "Did you approve all those tattoos?"

Let's get a few things straight: For one, Brooklyn is 19 years old, and fully within his right to get as many tattoos as he'd like — without parental approval. Another point to be made is that just because someone doesn't like the look of tattoos doesn't give them the right to condemn others for making the perfectly normal and acceptable choice to go under the needle. Furthermore, whether Brooklyn gets tattoos as an outlet for his creativity; to memorialize people, places, or events; or for any other reason, it's admirable of his parents to encourage and accept this (totally safe, totally legal) exploration.

Fortunately, many commenters defended both Brooklyn's right to do whatever he wants to his own body and Victoria's right to parent her children however she sees fit. "Who are you to comment on somebody else's parenting skills? Last time I looked her children all seem happy and well cared for," one commented.

Another responded directly to one of the mommy-shamers, writing, "Your statement was meant to shame Victoria as a mother. All her children are healthy, respectful, and loving. Imagine being in the spotlight and having strangers critiquing your intentions. Every mother should have a teen son that actually likes hanging out with his mom. I know very few at that age that do."

Mic, dropped.

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