43 Drugs Going Generic in the Next 5 Years

This push is purely driven by the cost savings that generics provide to consumers as they can cost up to 95% less than brand drugs. Brand-name medications are expensive because they are protected by a patent, giving one manufacturer market exclusivity, and the ability to price the brand drug as they see fit. When a patent expires, competitors are free to enter the market with their own versions of the brand—known as the generic.

This is the main reason generic drugs can be so affordable—as more manufacturers compete to sell their version of a generic drug, prices go down. Additionally, unlike brand manufacturers, generic manufacturers don’t have to shoulder expensive research and development costs or spend money on advertising, allowing them to price their drugs lower.

Here are some of the more popular brand-name drugs that are going generic in the next five years. Keep in mind that the listed anticipated release dates are tentative, and as manufacturers continue to push the limit to hold patent protection on their brand drugs, these dates could change.

Is your drug on the list?

Drugs Going Generic in 2018


Drugs Going Generic in 2019


Drugs Going Generic in 2020


Drugs Going Generic in 2021


Drugs Going Generic in 2022

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