‘Wax whisperer’ reveals why NOT to get a tragus piercing!

Watch what happens when an ear piercing goes wrong! Gruesome clip shows a woman having her silver tragus retrieved using FORCEPS after it ended ‘right up’ on her eardrum

  • An unnamed woman accidentally pushed her silver tragus stud inside her ear
  • It ended up resting ‘right up’ against her eardrum, according to Neel Raithatha
  • He released footage of him using forceps to delicately retrieve the small stud 

An audiologist has today revealed one gruesome reason why you should avoid getting a tragus piercing.

Gruesome footage shows Neel Raithatha using his forceps to delicately retrieve a stuck stud from a woman’s ear.

The silver stud – which was in her tragus – ended up resting ‘right up’ against her eardrum after she accidentally pushed it inside her ear.

Mr Raithatha, who runs a private clinic in Leicester, explained how the woman tried to push the stud through the closed-over piercing hole.

‘They accidentally applied too much force, resulting in the earring falling inside their ear,’ he said.

‘Given the earring was spherical, it was difficult to grip in the first instance without inadvertently pushing it further in.

‘The process took less than a minute using crocodile forceps, but I had to be very careful when gripping the earring as it could easily have perforated their eardrum.

An audiologist with 10 years experience, he called the procedure one of the most bizarre he had ever faced at his Hear Clinic surgery. 

He said: ‘It was an interesting case – this, alongside a pen cap, is the worst item stuck inside an ear I have ever seen.’

It took Mr Raithatha less than a minute to pull the small stud out from the unnamed woman’s ear canal.

Gruesome footage shows Neel Raithatha using his forceps to delicately retrieve a stuck stud from a woman’s ear

Mr Raithatha has shot to fame in recent months, as his toe-curling videos of him extracting wax from people’s ears have gone viral. 

He has nearly 60,000 subscribers on YouTube, where he regularly uploads his clips. 

Mr Raithatha has amassed more than 45 million views on YouTube since he began to upload his disgusting videos in 2013. 

It comes after he released disgusting footage of him removing the ‘worst case’ of earwax that he has ever come across in March.

Mr Raithatha spent 10 minutes trying to chisel a huge block of the yellow substance from a patient’s ear.

The procedure normally takes less than half that time, but it was made so difficult because the wax was so deeply stuck it could not be sucked out.

Instead, he had to use an ear hook to scrape at the gooey substance and drag it out in chunks. 

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