Viewers Slam Elle Macpherson for Recommending Meal Replacement Shakes 'For a Summer Body'

Supermodel Elle Macpherson has a few dieting tips to get a “summer body” — and people aren’t happy.

The 54-year-old did a segment on the British talk show This Morning with her advice for healthy living, and gave a few pointers on what she does to her body when the weather heats up.

“Summer’s coming up, and I too am getting ready for my summer body,” Macpherson said in the segment. “I know that sounds really corny, but we all think about that.”

One of her tips was to drink a protein shake with fruits and vegetables to lose weight.

“Sometimes I’ll use it as a meal replacement in the evenings,” Macpherson said. “If I’ve had a really strong breakfast or a strong lunch I can get away with having a protein shake for dinner.”

The mom of two added that this is just for targeted weight loss.

“For a short period of time obviously, it’s not for an extended period, but if it’s leading up to summer and you want to drop a few pounds that’s the way I do it and I find it really, really helpful,” she said.

But viewers were not happy with Macpherson for promoting the idea that people need to have a “summer body,” or for recommending that they replace meals.

“Why are @thismorning promoting ‘beach body ready’ with @ellemacpherson talking about how she sometimes replaces dinner with a protein shake? NO. The only way to be beach body ready is by putting on suncream and a swimsuit,” said one Twitter user.

“SORRY, but maybe you should tell people that they don’t need to change their body just because it’s summer?! What a ridiculous section #ThisMorning” added another.

“Thank goodness Elle Macpherson is on @thismorning telling us how to get beach body ready. I thought I just needed a beach and a body. Shame on you #ThisMorning,” said another.

Macpherson also talked about how she’s changed her diet since turning 50 to a plant-based program.

“I’m 54 today, and when I turned 50 I noticed that the things I was doing in my twenties wasn’t working anymore, and I had to kind of rethink my diet,” she said. “I follow a plant-based, alkaline diet, and for the last four years, being really focused on really whole-food, organic, mainly plant-based has been my health and beauty secret. And I realized there’s been such a change not only in the silhouette of my body, but how I feel and my general wellbeing.”

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