International Yoga Day 2018: How to twist yoga into fitness fusion for a fun workout session

International Yoga Day 2018: From fashion to food, everything seems to be going into fusion mode, so why not make fitness into an interesting cocktail of exercises too? This year, give your yoga asanas a peppy twist.

Are you an early morning bird who loves to power up for the day by working out during the early hours? Breathing exercises, courtesy of yoga, can be effective for asthma patients and those who like to blend in the physical, mental and spiritual components of exercise, all in one.

While the calming, relaxing and flexibility advantages of this ancient Indian science remain undisputed, it is quite normal to get into a fitness rut and look for more fun variations. With everything, from fashion to food, going in fusion mode, there’s no reason why fitness can’t be made into an interesting cocktail of various exercises. So, this International Yoga Day, why not give your yoga workouts a peppy twist? If you’re addicted to yoga, there’s a good chance you will enjoy these workouts that have similar benefits as the traditional yoga sessions.

Pilates: For the flexibility of yoga asanas

Coined by Joseph Pilates, who was a Yoga student himself, this fitness method also combines the principle of physical, mental and spiritual fitness. Very popular among Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, Pilates can be very effective for flexibility and reducing body pain, thanks to its amazing stretches.


Tai Chi: For the calming effect of yoga poses

Breathe in, and breathe out. The de-stressing and therapeutic effects of yoga are multiple. However, an ancient Chinese form of exercise called as Tai Chi or moving meditation can be something new to try out. It combines the flowing movements of the body with deep breathing to create a series of motions, specially designed to calm the mind and body. Studies also point to the blood pressure lowering effects of this workout.


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Bharatnatyam: For the body strengthening effects of yoga

Celebrity fitness trainer, who has clients like Yash Birla, Niranjan Thakur and others, recommends trying Bharatnatyam. This Indian classical form, not only requires discipline to be perfected but would be fun if you like to shake a leg or two. Lokhandawala says that Bharatnatyam has motions that are very strict and can challenge flexibility.


If you’re just a cha-cha person, dancing rigorously can help burn those calories and lose extra pounds, keeping you energised at the same time.

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Beer Yoga: For the strength training workups

One of the many derivatives of yoga is Beer Yoga. While it sounds fun but doesn’t immediately inspire faith in its effectiveness. However, Lokhandwala explains how one can mix strength training with yoga asanas while working out with beer. ”The weight of the beer bottle adds resistance as you’re holding it in various positions. As you continue to sip from it, the weight lightens and the strength component can be utilised this way.”

PS: One can also work out with a soft drink bottle, being careful with glass safety.


So, what is your yoga fusion this International Yoga Day? Tell us in the comments below.

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