This Summer 79% Of Aussies Will Suffer From This Embarrassing Condition

Aussies are starting to let their hair down with the party season just around the corner, but according to a new survey from head & shoulders over half of women restrict their social activities due to a lack of confidence caused by their shoulder snow.

As temps rise the combination of sweat and heat creates a haven for the dandruff-causing microbe Malassezia globosa to thrive in your scalp causing itchiness and increasing your chances of dandruff flare-up.

It would be un-Australian to spend summer indoors but as you flock outdoors to enjoy summer in its full glory you are actually exposing your scalp to more pollutants which can damage your scalp’s natural defences.

You may think that a simple scratch (which is the most common and side effect of dandruff) won’t do you any harm but it can actually damage an already delicate scalp.

Stop those embarrassing white flakes appearing this summer on your scalp, shoulders and just about everywhere else with head & shoulders. head & shoulders smooth & silky formula cleanses, protects and moisturises, leaving your hair soft and smelling great.

Don’t let dandruff hold you back this summer, step out with flake-free confidence.

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