This Nurse’s Body Positive Note Has Gone Viral

Stepping on the scales can be a daunting experience for any woman, particularly one who might have battled an eating disorder or is struggling to love the skin they’re in.

But one nurse has tried to make the task a little easier with this awesome message of body positivity.

“This scale will only tell you the numerical value of your gravitational pull. It will not tell you how beautiful you are, how much your friends and family love you, or how amazing you are!”

Mariah Kaitlyn Herrera shared the snap of the post-it note from her doctor’s office after her first appointment since the birth of her son.

This is the second time I’ve seen this in the doctor’s office and I LOVE IT,” she captioned the Instagram image.

“SERIOUSLY these should come with every scale! Completely changes how I feel about stepping on the scale, especially because I know I’m working on myself.”’

Herrera told Scary Mommy, “I was terrified to go to the doctor’s in the first place because I knew they were going to weigh me, and I hated being weighed even before I was pregnant.”

“As I was filling out some paperwork at the doctor’s office, I noticed the bright pink note on the wall. I got up, read it immediately, and my whole day was turned around.”

“I really don’t think the nurse realised what kind of impact she had on me worrying about my weight, which is something I’ve done since before I got pregnant, but it’s been even worse since I had my baby and all during pregnancy. But it’s important to remember that weight doesn’t matter as long as you’re working on yourself,” she said.

The scale doesn’t reflect your worth, nor necessarily your overall health, and this is a reminder all women need to read. 

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