This Is Apparently The Hottest Trend In Plastic Surgery Right Now

Just when we thought we’d seen all the weird and wonderful plastic surgery trends out (looking at you, thighlighting) another celeb spruiked procedure pops up. And this one is arguably the most bizarre of the lot. 

According to plastic surgeon Dr Jeffrey Rockmore, more and more people are electing to undergo ear jobs.

“Torn earlobes is a problem we often see, primarily in women,” he told The Independent.

“Torn or stretched earlobes or earring holes usually happen when women wear heavy earrings over the course of several years or decades. As the hole gets enlarged, studs fall through them which can be very noticeable.”

Another factor contributing to the popularity of the surgery, is the fact that our earlobes continue to grow as we age. Over time, this creates an older appearance.

“In some cases, they deflate as well,” Rockmore explained. “This can be improved by grafting fat into the lobes to make them more full and youthful looking.”

The latest Hollywood star to jump on the ear reduction bandwagon? None other than Kris Jenner. 

In a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the mum-of-six admitted to being self-conscious about her saggy earlobes prompting her decision to go under the knife. 

“I can’t afford for my diamonds to get any bigger!” she said. “All I want is just cute ears.”

Lucky for Kris, the procedure is relatively cheap (between $500 – $900), seemingly simple and usually takes less than an hour. Basically, a plastic surgeon injects the earlobe with a local anaesthetic before cutting a wedge of it out. Then the remaining skin is reattached to the head, leaving a much smaller, younger-looking ear. 

Yeahhhh, if you ask us it all sounds a bit extreme. The price you pay for perfection, eh!?

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