The secret to flake-free hair all summer

As the temperature rises so does your chance of a flaky scalp. So take charge with head & shoulders for beautiful, flake-free hair all summer long

Summer’s here and whether you’re training inside or al fresco, if you’re not sweating, you’re not trying! But sweat, sun and heat can aggravate dandruff, so get on the front foot and beat an itchy, flaky scalp with head & shoulders.

On the move

head & shoulders’ clinically proven 3Action Formula is your gym bag essential. It cleanses, protects and moisturises hair and scalp to give you unbelievably soft and beautiful hair that’s up to 100 per cent flake freeˆ.

Post-workout routine

When used together, head & shoulders shampoo and conditioner work 60 per cent more effectively, versus using the shampoo alone*. So make head & shoulders a part of your post gym routine and you’ll have flake-free, shiny hair every day.

Targeted 3Action care


head & shoulders shampoo contains a gentle cleansing agent that provides a rich, deeply indulgent lather, while offering best-in-class dandruff protection.


Micro zinc particles deposit deep into the scalp pore and are left behind, even after rinsing, to improve the scalp’s condition and enable long-lasting dandruff protection.


Locks in moisture to improve the scalp barrier, for hydrated, strengthened and toned skin. Conditioning agents also provide smoother, softer and more manageable hair.

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ˆNo visible flakes; with regular use. *In reducing scalp issues vs. using head & shoulders shampoo plus a P&G non anti-dandruff conditioner.

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