The Eating And Exercise Regime Dakota Johnson Followed To Get Fit For '50 Shades Freed'

We’re all about eating well and working out for how it makes on the inside. But when you’re filming a hot and heavy sex scene that’ll be watched by a large portion of the world’s population, there’s no doubt that you’d want your outside to be in the best shape possible, too.

That’s why Dakota Johnson enlisted the help of renowned celeb trainer and wellness coach, Ramona Braganza, on the set of the latest 50 Shades blockbuster.

In a recent interview with Healthista, Romanoa shared the eating and exercise regime she had the actor on as she prepared to shoot 50 Shades Freed’s most revealing scenes.

“Dakota was already fairly lean, so it’s not like there was weight to lose,” Romanoa told Healthista. “She wanted to be more toned, and for toning, you definitely need resistance. You also need to just do it the right amount of time and intensity.”

Romanoa says that the 28-year-old was put through her paces, four times a week with high intensity body weight and light weight exercises.

“It was more of a dancer type approach. Much of our warm up was stretching. Then we would go down onto the floor and do more of the body strength, walking planks and things like that. Then abs, which was more pilates-based. Then legs, which was a lot of the lying down leg stuff.”

Dakota supplemented these sessions with hot yoga twice a week and her own cardio workouts on a treadmill.

Food wise, Dakota had her own healthy meal delivery service but Romanoa had her following her 3-2-1 principles.

“It’s just proportions, when to eat, smaller meals and more meals.”

“So things like having three meals a day, two snacks and a minimum of one litre of water a day.”

Breakfast usually included complex carbs like oatmeal as well as a poached egg.

“[I recommend] leaner meat and fish, salads, and definitely eating in a way that the food is grilled, not fried.”

“Every now and then, you have that glass of wine, but you’re not drinking a bottle of wine every night. You have to just moderate yourself.”

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