How Queer Eye's Tan France and Antoni Porowski Stay Fit, Fight Sugar Cravings, and Chase Away Stress

When they’re not demonstrating the perfect French tuck or teaching us how to whip up homemade guacamole, Tan France and Antoni Porowski—the fashion and food gurus on Netflix’s Queer Eye—are probably at home trying to unwind. “We really do have long, exhausting days,” France says. “Could you imagine being on for 12 hours a day? It’s not easy.”

We had the opportunity to sit down with France and Porowski, who are currently promoting their partnership with Excedrin (the brand is launching new, limited-edition pain relievers for top headache-inducing moments). Here, the Queer Eye stars tell us how they stay centered, curb sugar cravings, and more.

They’re gym buddies who motivate each other

When not filming their hit show, “we’re in a different city most weeks,” France says, “and so you’re usually limited to a hotel gym, and you have to rethink your workouts and how you can make it work for you.” He and Porowski are both currently in New York, so they’ve become gym buddies and motivate each other to stick to their routines.

During filming, the whole group hits the gym each morning. “We work out harder than we ever did before the show,” France says. “There’s a lot more pressure—nobody puts it on you, but there’s a self-imposed pressure to look a certain way.”

Although they exercise with a trainer when filming the show, Porowski is a big fan of fitness classes. “I love a good yoga class, I like to switch it up,” he says. “I can’t do too much of one thing, or I get very distracted. When I’m in New York, I have four or five classes that I do.” 

Having a co-star like Jonathan Van Ness—who is an accomplished yogi and shares impressive flows on Instagram—has its perks, too. “We were supposed to go to a barre class that just opened, and the studio was closed,” Porowski says. “We were there with a few friends and Jonathan gave us a last-minute yoga class at one of the studios in our building.”

This workout gear is a must-have

As far as gym gear goes, France swears by Fat Gripz, available on “I discovered [them] a few months ago,” he says. “It’s these grips you put on a barbell and [they] focus your forearms—it’s wicked, I love them.”

The superfood snack that boosts energy

Two words: Medjool dates. “They’re my new favorite thing,” Porowski says. “This little farm in California sent me a crunchy peanut butter and a little bit of a really good quality finishing salt, so you get the crunch on the salt, you get the crunchy peanut butter, a sweet sticky date, it’s the perfect treat.”

He likes to have two in the afternoon to ward off end-of-day cravings and boost his energy. “You get your protein in there, you get your fiber, and they’re also very good in smoothies,” he says.

“[Antoni] cooks a lot right now because he’s working on a cookbook, so I get to eat all that food, which is wonderful,” France adds.

3 wellness influencers they follow on Instagram

Porowski is a big fan of functional medicine practitioner Will Cole, @drwillcole. “[Dr. Cole] isn’t preachy at all,” he says. “He just came out with a cookbook called Ketotarian; what I love about it is it’s not gimmicky and teaches people how to treat vegetables in a simple way but make really nice, delicious meals.”

As for France, you’ll find him double-tapping on @cleaneats_cleantreats. “I’ve got a really, really bad sweet tooth, and if I don’t eat a lot of sugar, I get a little cranky,” he says. “And she does a really great job of offering alternatives.”

France also turns to Instagram account @clarkfit for fitness inspo. “I’m not one for going to classes, usually, unless I’m with [Antoni],” says France. “When I’m on my own, I do my own thing. [@clarkfit] does a really good chest workout.”

Their go-to de-stress strategies

Porowski admits that it takes time to unwind after a stressful day of filming. “I get really manic on set, and then to just get myself to a place where I’m alone in my apartment again, it’s like this recalibrating thing that happens,” he says.

To start each day off on a mindful note, he’s been using the app Headspace. “I can’t stress enough how amazing [meditation] is,” he says. “I’m at 10 minutes now [on the app]; it’s taken awhile for me to get there. I did three minutes for a very long time, and it changes everything.”

He’s also perfected a calming end-of-day routine. “I always take a shower now before I go to bed,” he says. “It’s so important just to cleanse everything off….take everything off! There’s all the energy and all the whatever that you carried with you, and all the stress that you have.”

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