Australian Women With These Names Are ‘Most Likely To Get Pregnant’ In 2018

A recent study out of the United Kingdom looked at the average age of new mothers (28.5-years-old) and then looked up the most popular names for that year. 

According to The Sun, who republished the very ‘scientific’ study, women named Emma are most likely to give birth in 2018. This is silly, but also kind of fun? 

We decided to look up the most popular Australia baby girls names in 1990, and here’s the list…

Looks like if someone gives birth in 2018 their name may or may not be Jessica.

1. Jessica

2. Sarah

3. Emily

4. Stephanie

5. Emma

6. Rebecca

7. Samantha

8. Lauren

9. Laura

10. Georgia

11. Chloe

12. Amy

13. Alexandra

14. Hannah

15. Olivia

16. Rachel

17. Melissa

18. Nicole

19. Kate

20. Natalie

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

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