Acting Single: Is It the Key To A Successful Marriage?

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines acting as the art of representing characters on stage before cameras. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. William Shakespeare famously said that we are all actors in this world. That’s another objective way of looking at the big picture.

So, what does marriage really have to do with acting? A lot. Marriages are unions that bring people with like-minded traits together. It is celebrated world over in communities due to the significance we’ve long attached to such events. Perhaps, both the bride and the groom tend to get lost in all the jubilation and forget about the moment. The name of the game is complementing our significant others in any way we can. There are no rules of play; we make the rules as we go.

Why the Discord Then?

People go into marriages with great ambitions. Some are searching for their Prince Charming, some seek financial security, some need someone to give support, hold tight, tell stories to and experience life together. Sounds wonderful. It’s peak utopia.

Sure, our jokes and stories will be interesting to our spouse the first couple of times, till we’ve told them all. Then, we begin to wonder and wander how can we rejuvenate and regurgitate the same old feelings. It’s not as if the feelings die out completely, not at all! A spark or an ember may die down, but still, there are plenty of other feelings to fight for.

The Single Folk

Social Integration plays a crucial role in one’s marriage, especially if you’ve been with your partner for a long time

During such moments, we start to realize the wonderful time our single friends are having. The late night drunken stupors are still a thing to them, taking vacation breaks without consulting anyone, no kids, nothing! Responsibility starts to feel like a nagging pain.

So, what do the single folk have that married couples don’t? Nothing really. We all develop differently and being married should not be something to be ashamed of and looked upon with disdain. Smart people should learn to take advantage of their friends and learn from them what they need to, not take everything they say for granted.

Social Integration

Having many friends to talk to is important. The subtle art of social integration involves lots of communication. Thus, mingling is of the essence to our relationships and health.

Studies have shown that happy singles tend to get involved in happy relationships. Singles tend to interact with all and sundry and as a result, bring in lots of experiences with them into their relationships. They know how to be financially sufficient, how to deal with different stress issues and most importantly, how to live.

On the other hand, married folk tend to keep their feelings to themselves. There are many benefits to this like emotional, financial and practical support. However, there really is no substitute for having friends and other interests on the side.

The Secret

Having a partner who is successful and busy working on building his/her own dreams, can strengthen a marriage

We’ve all heard of the new age. Today, we will not delve into the intricacies of how much technology has changed our lives. We will, however, focus on the notion of ‘independent women and men’.

There is an allure to them because they seem to have it all. Then again, new couples may disagree. A sense of independence really comes to be a factor with the passage of time. It’s attractive and when we’re married, we want to remain attractive to our partner. As a result, we need to find our own footing and become independent in a way.

The secret lies in having a good social network of friends and being self-reliant. These two qualities will do us the world of good in marriages. They protect us from depression and against the possible worst outcomes or widowhood or divorce. For couples, it can potentially revitalize their marriages.

That Good Feeling

Having a spouse who has his/her own things going on will likely brood happier marriages. Friendships benefit marriages since they can help bring those who are married together. Happily married wives often find friends as good sources to voice out concerns about their marriages. Getting outside counsel from others can help strengthen the ties that bind us together.

Spruce Up

 It’s all about mimicking the single lifestyle really, in small, effective, and happy ways

When planning nights out with a companion, it’s important to first note the stage a relationship is in. If it’s in the early days, then it’s best to arrange a dinner for two as it will help in creating the very fabric of the relationship. If you happen to have a long history with your partner, we would advise you to do a double date with friends.

Why? That way, even when your spouse re-tells this old tales that you’ve obviously heard about at the dinner table, you’ll both find amusement when sharing with fellow friends. The overall result is bound to leave a good impression on your partner.

Singles tend to know how to let loose and live in the moment. It’s an art that couples seem to forget over time. Living in the moment brings with it an arousal of the brain; it’s the stuff moments are made of. Just the perfect recipe for happy marriages. So, what are you waiting for? Mingle!

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