The Best Back-to-School Snacks to Buy at Aldi

While we totally understand being paralyzed by your disbelief summer is almost over, it’s time to snap out of it — back-to-school madness is right around the corner. All summer long, your little star students have enjoyed a consistent routine of snack, play, repeat. But now that they’re going to need to get through a full day of school, you’re probably already trying to mentally jot down the food they’ll need to make it through that dreaded mid-day slump.

Of course, you’re worried about fueling your kids’ brains. Meanwhile, they’re far more worried about satisfying their tummies, not their cerebrums. That’s where you come in, Mom. It’s a good thing, too, because keeping your kids in a steady supply of back-to-school snacks requires budgeting. And you know what that means, right? It’s time to head to your local neighborhood Aldi, where you can stretch your dollar to the max and get an impressive variety of wholesome artisanal brands.

Here are some of Aldi’s latest offerings that would make killer additions to your kid’s lunchbox.

Cheddar Cheese Rice Snacks

Want to send your kid to school with something salty and savory that isn’t a bag of greasy potato chips? Grab these cheddar cheese rice snacks by Fit & Active! You can toss them into mini-baggies for easy portion control.

‘Cracker Cuts’ Cheese Slices

Happy Farms’ “cracker cuts” cheese slices are the ideal blend of convenient and likable. Send your kid to school with a few slices of cheddar, some crackers and maybe a few pepperoni or salami slices for an easy-peasy and sure-to-be popular DIY snack pack.

Creamy Ancient Grains With Pumpkin Food Puree

Sending your littlest student to school is anxiety-inducing enough without the added worry of wondering what they’re eating while there. Reduce a modicum of stress by packing a few simple Little Journey pouches in your little one’s lunch bag. This organic option contains vitamin C, doesn’t use artificial colors or flavors, is kosher, has no sugar added and even comes in BPA free packaging.


Peppermint Stick Wellness Bar

If you have an older child or student athlete who suffers from that mid-afternoon slump, give them the fuel they need to get through the day — and whatever sport practice lies beyond. Elevation’s wellness bars contain an energy-boosting 8 grams of protein per serving, and they come in fun flavors like peppermint stick.

Organic Fruit Flavored Snacks

Naturally fat-free and made with fruit juice, these organic, non-GMO fruit flavored snacks are guilt-proof and pretty gosh darn adorable. Look at the little woodland creatures!

Apple Peach Squeezable Fruit Blend

With flavors like apple banana, apple peach and apple strawberry, Simply Nature’s fruit squeezies might find their way into your lunch back sooner or later — and we wouldn’t blame you one bit.

Gluten-Free Mini Pretzel Twists

Need a solid snack option for your gluten-sensitive student? Every kid loves mini pretzels, and these from LiveGfree utilize corn, potato and rice flour to keep this classic snack gluten-free.

Raspberry Fruit Strips

Here’s the deal: Kids go straight bonkers over fruit strips. But you obviously want to avoid the ones that consist solely of sugar with little to no nutritional value. Well, grab a box of Simply Nature raspberry fruit strips instead — they pack a nutritious punch with 100 percent of daily value vitamin C.

Sea Salt Pita Chips

Kids that crave a good salty crunch will go gaga over Specially Selected’s crisp and light sea salt pita chips. Send them with a to-go cup of hummus or peanut butter if you really want to win brownie points.

Baked Chocolate Wafer Snacks

With only 100 calories, this perfectly portable pack of chocolate wafers will make an excellent mid-day pick-me-up for your star student. They’re going to need an extra burst of energy to finish the day strong, right?

Vanilla Flavored Pizzelle Italian Waffle Cookies

You’ve gotta let your kid indulge every now and then, no? They’ll feel like the coolest kid in the cafeteria if you occasionally sneak one or two Italian waffle cookies in their lunch bag. And you’ll get cool cred for being the kind of mom who packs them.

White Cheddar Puffs

White cheddar puffs are the universal language of yum, and these guys right here are sure to be a hit. Aside from being tasty little balls of cheddary goodness, they are gluten-free and have no added sugar.

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