Burger King Offered Prince Harry a Job in Their "Royal Family" After He and Meghan Announced Their Split from the Monarchy

Listen. We don’t need to go into great detail here as I’m sure you’ve read all about how late last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they’d be stepping back from the royal family in a senior, full-time capacity and would begin splitting their time between the U.K. and North America. We don’t need to recap how an emergency royal summit was called and the Queen decided it would be OK for the pair to do as they planned and—you get it. What we do need to talk about is how the aforementioned series of events led to…well…this:

@ harry, this royal family offers part-time positions

Yes! In the wake of Harry’s historic departure from the royal fam, your favs over at Burger King went ahead and (jokingly?) offered the Duke of Sussex a part-time job as part of their royal fam. You get it, yes? Burger King. Prince Harry. Ruler of meat patties, Prince Harry.

The responses to the tweet are predictably wild, as they generally are when a tweet from a kooky food social media account goes viral. Many believe the Duke of Sussex should absolutely take Burger King up on their employment offer, while others are simply sending GIFs of applause and praise.

Before this viral tweet, though, Burger King turned the whole royal melee into an opportunity to offer the general, less royal public jobs, tweeting everyone else is welcome to apply for a job in “[their] kingdom.”

Consider this your friendly Tuesday reminder that there’s pretty much nothing stopping you from becoming a king.

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