World diabetes day: Many German citizens under-estimate Diabetes risk

In Germany each year are diagnosed and more than 500,000 adult new to Diabetes. This is from a report by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for the world diabetes day on 14. November show.

Approximately seven million German citizens live, therefore, with the metabolic disease. Projections predict a further increase.

“The risk of developing Diabetes is much underestimated too often,” said Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU).

Nationwide survey for world diabetes day

In a nationwide survey conducted by the RKI and the Federal centre for health education almost eighty per cent of the 2,500 adults surveyed, who had, according to Tests, have an increased likelihood of type 2 diabetes assessed their risk as low.

The German Diabetes society called on Tuesday to test patients for over 50 years in the case of an inpatient admission in the hospital routinely for Diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus is the collective term for various disorders of the human metabolism. The main characteristic is a chronically elevated blood sugar levels.

The reasons for this are, as a rule, in case of disturbances in the production of the metabolic hormone Insulin in the pancreas.

Social differences in Diabetes

The most common type 2 Diabetes that can be favored by hereditary factors as well as by Obesity, Smoking, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise is.

When such risk factors are significant social differences can be seen according to the RKI: In the case of people from lower educational strata they were found more frequently.

Overall, according to RKI report, almost one in ten German citizens between 18 and 79 years affected by Diabetes.

In the case of a good 7 percent of people in Germany, the disease is diagnosed, according to the latest available data from 2010, with a further approximately 2 per cent, it is considered to be undetected.

For a part of the Affected Diabetes according to the RKI is the associated information with serious complications such as heart attack, stroke, amputations, blindness, or kidney failure.

A Diabetes can take up to twelve years of healthy life, as stated in the report.

Increased blood sugar values cause damage in the long term

According to the recent study, a slight decrease of risk factors such as Smoking and lack of exercise is in Germany. There is also less complications such as blindness and amputations.

Gestational diabetes before come, however, more frequently than in the past. Increased blood sugar values cause damage in the long term blood vessels, nerves and many organs.

To be able to the own risk of disease a better assessment, developed by the German Institute for nutrition research and the German center for diabetes research-an Online Test. On the basis of a set of questions anyone interested may determine his own risk.

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