Training by Video: fitness studios to fit for your offer

The sports bag pack and off to the gym for recreational athletes a familiar Ritual, is eliminated since a few days all of a sudden. Sports halls and fitness studios are closed due to Corona.

However, there are Alternatives: “The industry was already starting from the first day of the forced closure of active and trying its members, yet a power to provide, for example, through Online courses, diet plans or vouchers for the period after the closure,” reported the spokesman of the German sports Studio Association, Alexander Wulf.

Creative solutions of Personal trainers and Studios

Also a Personal Trainer trying to make the Best out of the Situation. “For us, it is a strong incision. If you suddenly have only a third of the previous revenue, the noticeable,” says Patricio Escher, fitness trainer and physical therapist from Berlin.

Escher, who was in charge in front of Corona by the customer in the own Studio, she is now trying to train via Skype. However, not everyone is ready to do his Squats and Crunches without a personal guide from person to person. “About 50 to 60 percent of the customers fall off,” says his partner Daniela Dobner, he operates the Studio in Prenzlauer Berg.

For other colleagues the Situation is hard. “A fellow yoga teacher was crying on the phone because you break all of a sudden all orders and their existence has been worried,” says Escher. We must, therefore, now to find other solutions. How many other Fitness trainers Dobner and Escher now Videos online or workout together with your Fans via Instagram or other platforms.

Training at home offers endless possibilities

Users of such Offers is happy, as, for example, a Zumba dancer from Berlin-Kreuzberg: “For the participants, there are now Golden hours. You can practically dance around the clock, if it is connected in the social networks with trainers all over the world,” says the fitness-minded Berliner, who has just trained with a trainer from Madrid, Spain.

The Train home have not only advantages: “So many opportunities I never had. But for that, one is alone,” says the cross-Berger, Zumba dancer, which enjoys otherwise the Dance in large groups with loud music.

A lot of trainers are going to get with a free offer your customers. But how long is this to endure? “We ask our users to donate”, says Daniela Dobner.

Online services and Apps: A small Overview

Online training on the Ball, the should chains, the customers of major Studio: In the case of “Mrs Sporty”, for example, may notify customers, in order to train in front of the screen at home to. Also, Fitness First offers Workouts for home. The chain McFit recommends its customers which is also the group of companies belonging to the App in the “Cyberobics”.

The provider from Berlin, currently provides all of the other trainers willing a free access to the App: “We believe that it is precisely in extreme situations, it is important to maintain a bit of normality and to do something for themselves,” explains managing Director Oliver Schulokat.

In the case of “Cyberobics” customers can also Live courses to unlock. “The ratings have increased now very strong,” reports Patricio Escher, who also works for this company. A clear increase in demand also registered the platform “IAMSTRONGER Hero Club”: “Since the age of 15. March – exactly since the closure of the Fitness-Studios in Germany – we have daily over a hundred new applications,” says PR-Manager for Elisa Brunke.

“As a competitor, we do not consider the Fitness Apps, particularly in the current Situation,” says Alexander Wulf from the sports Studio Association DSSV. They are offering a welcome Alternative to keep in this time, getting fit and staying as healthy as possible.

In spite of Coronavirus non-dispense

To dispense with Sport Kleinert from the perspective of the sport psychologist Jens namely not an Option: “We know from many studies that sports and exercise have a positive influence on mood and physical well-being.” Especially in uncertain times like now, where many people suffered from mood swings, games an important role, as the Professor of the German sport University in Cologne.

It does not need to be necessarily a Workout at home. “We can still go out in the fresh air Walking or Jogging.” It is important to move on a regular basis.


Looking for free Workouts? On the Youtube channel, FIT FOR FUN, you will find many Workouts for at home – whether it’s HIIT, Tabata, or Yoga.

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