New study: Cold Plasma helps to heal chronic wounds

From diabetic foot ulcers caused chronic wounds can heal, according to a study by a treatment with cold plasma faster.

The Plasma treatment must be carried out in addition to standard therapy, said the study, which was published in July in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” (JAMA Network Open).

As a Plasma, the inert gas Argon is used

As the Greifswalder companies neoplastic announced tools, was used for plasma jet kINPen® MED, jointly with the Leibniz Institute for plasma science and technology (INP) was developed.

For the plasma production, the inert gas Argon is used. The Plasma has nothing to do with the same liquid, cell-free component of the blood.

The publication that has long been suspected that the application can stimulate from cold plasmas the healing process in chronic wounds and contribute to a faster wound closure.

This effect has now been demonstrated in a clinical study by physicians and scientists at the heart and diabetes center North Rhine – Westphalia in Bad Oeynhausen, as well as at the hospital Karl castle in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern clinically.

Here, 62 by means of the diabetic foot caused wounds were studied in 43 patients treated. The wounds had shown, in spite of standard therapy for three weeks, no healing tendencies.

The patients were divided into two groups of 31 wounds. After 14 days of treatment, the wound area had reduced in the case of the cold plasma-treated wounds, a mean of 69.5 percent.

In the placebo group the reduction was of 44.8 percent.

Under cold plasma treatment, 55 percent wound area were closed, as if the sole standard treatment, as it was called. The cold plasma treatment is painless and well tolerated.

In the study no side effects were occurred. The patient should be observed for five years, to be able to the long-term safety of the treatment rate.

New method results in faster wound healing

The differences in the microbial load of the wounds between the two groups were not statistically been significant.

The Director of research at the diabetes center Bad Oeynhausen, and first author of the study, Bernd Stratmann, said:

“Atmospheric cold plasma has a stand-alone wound healing-activating effect, which cannot be explained solely by the antimicrobial effect of the plasma explain.”

Faster wound healing and lead to earlier dismissal of patients from the clinic, said the Director of the diabetes center Bad Oeyhausen, Diethelm Tschöpe.

This allows the plasma to be cold, and also for health treatments economically relevant. The treatment of chronic wounds cost the health system around € 10,000 per Patient per year.

In Germany, around 900,000 people suffer from the authors of the study suggest that chronic, that is bad, or even non-healing wounds. One of the most common causes of chronic wounds-the Diabetic foot syndrome is.

About 70 per cent of all in Germany, made amputations to go back to it.


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