Kettlebell Yoga Is The New Fusion Workout You Need To Try

With so many time pressures these days, we’re demanding more than ever from our workouts. That’s why fusion training is so huge right now: hybrids of different sweat styles designed to challenge your body – without packing out your diary.

The latest unlikely-but-we’re-so-down-for-it couple to hit our radar? Kettlebell yoga.

“It’s a fusion of traditional yoga poses that incorporate kettlebells into the sequences,” says Amy King, the force behind Melbourne studio Core+, which hosts the workout class (as well as other fusions including boxing/pilates). 

“We begin with yoga to get the body prepared and stretched, and then we target specific body parts with the kettlebells. We love the idea that you can come into a yoga class and feel the benefits of that, but also incorporate strength exercises.”  

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By targeting your arms, legs, shoulders and core, the class aim is “to increase strength, fitness, balance and flexibility for a well-rounded mind and body,” King adds. “We offer moderations to poses and different-sized kettlebells for various strengths, so everyone can participate.”

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At the moment, Core+ only has studios in Melbourne, but we live in fitness-loving hope that kettlebell yoga will make its way around Oz soon. Namaste tuned.

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