Julianne Hough Flashes Her Toned Abs Before Going Parasailing In Italy In New Instagram Photos

  • Julianne Hough shared new bikini photos on Instagram while vacationing around Italy.
  • The KINRGY founder and former America’s Got Talent judge showed off her toned abs and whole bod before going parasailing.
  • Julianne’s workout routine includes her KINRGY classes, lots of dancing, and strength training.

Julianne Hough is on a gorgeous-looking Italian vacation, and she’s been dropping bathing suit and bikini pics on Instagram like it’s her job. The latest: An absolutely stunning cut-out one piece that perfectly showcases her tight abs.

Julianne, 32, casually shared the photo in her Instagram story like it was NBD. But it is, in fact, a BD. In it, she’s wearing a high-cut white one-piece that puts her six-pack abs on full display. The pro dancer’s abs, legs, arms…basically everything looks super fit. Julianne didn’t write anything with her photo—she just shared that she’s in Capri, Italy. And, really, no words needed. (Turns out, Julianne worked that look while parasailing, too.)

OK, but how does Julianne look so amazing? She gave a little clue in her final Instagram Story, which shows her riding hard on a Peloton as people in the background hang out and chat.

That’s not ~all~ she does for fitness, though. Julianne recently debuted the fitness platform KINRGY which has a mix of workouts inspired by tai chi, qigong, energy work, strength training, and cardio. Julianne told Women’s Health that she wants Kinrgy to be the “SoulCycle of dance.” The workouts are 45 minutes long and are “high sensory activated dance method” classes, she said.

She aims to exercise five days a week, working her way through things like SoulCycle, CorePower Yoga, and strength training. “I love being around people and community,” she told Women’s Health.

Julianne eats well, too. She tries to avoid foods that cause bodily inflammation, but she’s not super restrictive with her diet. While Julianne said she “loves” tacos and guacamole, she usually has grilled chicken or salmon with steamed or grilled veggies for dinner. Breakfast is often a smoothie packed with avocado, almond butter, almond milk, spinach, protein powder, blueberries, and a banana.

Now, where can I find that bathing suit?

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