Bike Shorts, Bodysuits, And Tie-Dye—These Are The Top Activewear Trends Of Fall 2019

As fitness director of Women’s Health, I go to multiple activewear brand previews a month, am chatting with our fashion editors on a near-daily basis, and perhaps most importantly, am in and out of tons of different gyms and fitness studios, always taking notes on the different fitness ~lewks~ women are, well, sporting. So I’ve becoming something of a pro at spotting activewear trends. These are the major ones I’m seeing (and loving) this fall.

1. High-neck sports bras

I’m pretty sure the high-neck sports bra trend is single-handedly responsible for convincing so many women to ditch their tees and tanks at the gym. (And it means one less piece of sweaty laundry to wash, amirite?)

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