Activities in the blazing sun these symptoms of a heat stroke

Who is spent on a hot day, and a headache or feel weak and confused feeling, should immediately take a break.

Because behind it is a so-called Heat exhaustion could be stuck.

This can also be manifested by Nausea and dizziness, explains the magazine ‘New pharmacies-Illustrated’ (edition of 15. July 2020).

The blood pressure then drops and the body temperature rises a little. But a little rest in the shade and Drink a lot, bring an quickly back on track.

You do not, protects, however, it can be dangerous, and if from exhaustion, a heat stroke is.

Move and Speak Concerned then falls hard, the body temperature rises sharply, sometimes to more than 40 degrees. It can lead to epileptic seizures and loss of consciousness, internal organs can fail.

In the case of a heat stroke, the body must be cooled quickly and the person Concerned are quickly brought to a hospital.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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