The correct skin care it is important to note

It is no secret that men and women can have different skin types, from dry skin to oily skin to combination skin. Accordingly, there is a extremely large selection of products for skin care, the materials, your content really beat. To find out which substances are suitable for your face for best results, you need to not only understand the active ingredients, but also know your skin type – and this is not so easy, if you are not a dermatologist. In the Following, you will learn what the terms on most of the masks, scrubs and creams really mean, and how to make your skin better able to classify.

How do I determine my skin type?

Not to count the most common types, dry and oily skin or mixed skin, but also sensitive, impure, and even normal skin – the latter requires, in fact, none of the intensive care, because it is neither too dry nor too greasy. Here, an ordinary day cream or night cream used to be. For the other skin types, however, each and every product is not equally well suited, for this reason, you should determine it in advance.

For right skin care, it is important to pay attention to the active ingredients

Why is skin care so important?

Our skin holds the body, therefore, it is also the largest Organ that we have. It protects us from external influences like the sun’s rays, pollutants and dry air – as a result, you must perform daily for maximum benefits. This is also an important reason why you should the skin care, do not neglect to lubricate Instead of just any cream or ointment to the face, pimples or prevent wrinkles, you should know your skin type and appropriate cleaning and maintenance products. To understand the substances contained in it better, you should be able to distinguish the active ingredients from each other or correctly classified.What are the substances mean in skin care products?

Terms such as hyaluronic acid or collagen have you heard of this, but also know what it is? For the case that education needs to be the most common active substances of well-known skincare products in the following table, listed below and explained:

Active ingredient:


The active ingredient is consolidating in the first line of our body (bones, Tendons, and ligaments), in the Form of creams or face masks but also the skin more elastic and hydrated.


Manufacturers of moisturizers and Make-up to advertise a lot of with this drug. It is simple vitamins (C, E, and beta carotene) to protect our skin from external influences – i.e. free radicals.

Salicylic acid

Not only in medicines but also in many toiletries-inflammatory active ingredient is of this inflammation. First and foremost, he is supposed to help against imperfections and will thus find in different pimples creams.

Hyaluronic acid

Even if our body produces the substance itself, he is prevented through the outer application of moisture to dry skin and wrinkles provide. Therefore, many care advertise items for Mature skin like this.

This ingredient protects the skin from drying out and is therefore used in many moisturizers. The so-called lipids in the Horny layer of the skin and form a protective film against foreign bodies.


This is a urea, can bind moisture. Accordingly, care products with Urea are primarily for dry skin types, moreover, he has a healing-promoting effect.


They used to be found the active substance mainly in the Après-products to relieve sunburn. Nowadays, Panthenol is used due to its Anti-Aging properties in skin care products for Mature skin.

The correct skin care on cold days

On cold days, the air is very dry, so our skin is tight or itchy

You know this for sure: When the temperatures fall below zero degrees, the cold on the skin – from itchy legs and elbows seemed to point to feelings of Tension in the face. To this state, to counteract, the skin care has a crucial role, in particular, the moisture supply. Depending on which skin type you are, you should be aware of when buying a new care products, the following points to make:

For all skin types, does not dry, it is, however, that you have to strain your skin on cold days, in addition, by showers too hot – your skin. The Same is true for your scalp: Put them in the cold months prefer to use a mild Shampoothat your skin is not as quickly dries up. Your hands you can, however, before the cold, by regularly applying lotion and gloves for Outdoor wear. Otherwise, it rips the skin may be a – just like your lips, you with a fat pen before the cold. Here, you can, for example, Oils and bees wax. And last but not least, sun protection is an important role in skin care: pay Attention, therefore, on cold days on the right sun protection factor, because here, too, there are suitable care products for all skin types.

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