Herpes cream: These five products are recommended

In theory, each carries almost the Herpes simplex Virus type 1 in itself, without suspecting it – because he doesn’t break out every time. He is activated, however, for example, by a weakened immune system (caused by the common cold, Stress, certain medications, or hormonal changes), the pain bubbles are liable again and again. They infest often the upper or lower lip, but can also occur on the chin, in or on the nose and the cheeks. This happens especially if the herpes sores are open and the liquid contained therein escapes. Because of the highly contagious virus are. The question arises: What helps against Herpes? The medicine is thanks to there are numerous creams that have a virus-inhibiting effect. Which of them are recommendable and what you need to know about the application, will be explained as follows.

If it tingles: this is Why quick Action is important

Scientific studies have shown that a Herpes cream can not only reduce the duration of the outbreak, but also the typical symptoms (Burning, itching, feelings of tension) ease – but only if you apply the anti-viral agent in a timely manner. Say best already at the first tingling sensation on the lip, but at the latest within 24 hours. Apply lotion to the affected area to late, have spread the virus to strong and not to stop.

Important: in the Herpes cream active ingredients contained the Virus and stop the symptoms can should this during the day, at least once every two to three hours on the sores can be applied. Best done with a cotton swab to transfer bacteria from your fingers to the wound.

What Herpes cream relieves the symptoms?

Antiviral Herpes cream usually contains one of the two active ingredients: Acyclovir or Penciclovir – where the Latter is said that he could take the cold sores in a later stadium to contain it. Both drugs are freely available and, therefore, available without a prescription. In addition, there are also combination preparations containing Acyclovir as well as cortisone. In contrast to the classic products, you should be able to the cold sores and staff.

In the Following, we will provide you with five different Herpes-creams which, because of the personal experience of a stareditor is recommended:

1. Zovirax Duo

In this white Herpes cream is a combination product with two active ingredients: Acyclovir and hydrocortisone. Together, they fight the first signs like itching, Burning or tingling sensation on the lip, so that in the ideal case, only no bubbles form. This depends, of course, always how quickly you react to the symptoms. Due to the anti-viral and anti-inflammatory active ingredient is the inflammation fighting the virus spread is stopped. Apply Herpes cream for five days in a row up to five times daily (at intervals of three to four hours).

2. Zovirax

The radio and television, known Herpes-cream is a true classic for fighting cold sores: Zovirax contains the active ingredient Aciclovir relieves the itching and reduces the pain. In addition, it supports and speeds the natural healing process by preventing the virus on its multiplication, and the crust formation of herpes is accelerating bubbles.

3. Penicivir

This Herpes cream contains the active ingredient Penciclovir, and is also early used, to the outbreak of the cold sores and thus, the propagation of the virus to inhibit. Also, this product can help to relieve the typical symptoms, as well as to accelerate the healing process. A special plus point here is that it is the white cream in skin colors , so this on the face (especially on the lip) is not so very eye-catching as the classic products.

4. Acyclovir

As the Name suggests, this Herpes cream the active ingredient Aciclovir. This is especially good for Herpes simplex virus, the return to very often. It relieves the pain and the itch already in the early stadium, if you lubricate the bubbles in the cream at the same time, burgeoning Lips. The infected skin areas should be boning up to five times a day at intervals of four hours with a cotton over a large area, but thin Creamed.

5. Aciclostad

Also in this Herpes cream find the active ingredient Aciclovir again. To apply the funds at an early stage, as soon as you feel the first tingling. The sooner you become active, the greater the likelihood that you will prevent the herpes outbreak is formed, the first bubbles, you can stop at least the uncontrolled spread of the disease.

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