Find Out Your Face Shape Once and for All

There are some things about your body that are crucial to know: your blood type, whether you're allergic to dairy, and your face shape, to name a few. That last one may seem like no big deal, but knowing if your face is oval, square, or round can help you get a more flattering haircut, look more natural when you get fillers, find perfectly fitting glasses, and better sculpt your face with your favorite contouring kit. With the help of a plastic surgeon and hairstylist, we've made it easy for you to figure it all out on your own, by breaking down the evaluation process into three easy steps.

But before you start, Philippe Barr, creative director at Frederic Fekkai Salon in Palm Beach, suggests pulling or slicking your hair back so that "the outline of your face is fully exposed." To make the process even easier, you can also trace the outline of your face onto your mirror with lipstick or lip liner, he adds.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

Step 1: What's the widest part of your face?

Step 2: What's the shape of your jaw?

Step 3: What's the length of your face?

No matter what your face shape, there are hairstyles, glasses, hats, glasses, and makeup techniques that bring out the best in each. And now that you know yours, it will be that much easier to make those choices.

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