49 Classic Haircuts That Look Amazing on Everyone

If you haven't heard, the term "anti-aging" is no longer part of our vocabulary here at Allure HQ. It's dead and gone — yes, like that Justin Timberlake song — and with it, the archaic misconception that women can only wear a certain haircut at a "suitable" age. So go ahead and toss what society has told you out the window, because despite what you, me, and the generations before us were conditioned to believe, one's ability to own a specific cut or style has absolutely zilch to do with age.
There are several other factors involved like hair type or texture and what face shape you have, but whether you're in your 20s or your 70s — consider that information N/A. Don't believe us? These celebrity cuts (plus the stylists who know their sh*t) are sure to prove otherwise.

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Bangs: Long and Soft

FYI, all three hairstylists I spoke to waxed poetic about bangs, assuring me that they're one of the most complementary cuts out there for all ages. Who woulda' thought that everyone's hair nightmare from childhood could actually be so versatile? Well, certainly not me, but hey, you don't argue with the experts.

"Bangs are great for any age and for all hair types," says celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of MANE Society, Tippi Shorter. (Here, Dakota Johnson wears her fringe wispy and on the longer side.)

Hairstylist and salon owner, Nunzio Saviano, agrees, adding that he finds bangs to be the most flattering thing on every face shape as long as they're done correctly. "They’re almost like an accessory for the face," he says. "They’re ageless — any woman can have bangs."

Bangs: Sideswept

"Bangs and botox," celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate says, clarifying that many of his mature clients have been coming in for fringe as a means of camouflaging any forehead wrinkles or fine lines they're not happy with. "They have a bad reputation from when you were little, but really any age can work them," he says. (Halle Berry is proof of this.)

Bangs: On a Curve

Goldie Hawn has worn her hair with bangs for pretty much the entirety of her career, and you know what? She's still slaying in them. Pro tip for mature women: Saviano advises against thick, blunt bangs or any sharp lines, and instead opting for a softer, piecey look like Hawn has going on here.

Bangs: Brow-Grazing

"Brow-skimming bangs work great on more mature faces," says Shorter, adding that longer styles look fresh on younger faces. Grace & Frankie star Jane Fonda has been nailing the same fringe for decades now.

Bangs: Blunt With Razored Ends

Fact: nearly-blunt bangs look so chic paired with a crisp, chin-grazing crop like Taraji P. Henson has here.

Bangs: Faux for Fun

If you've been on the fence about whether to get bangs or not, consider taking a cue from Gigi Hadid, who wore faux fringe to the MTV Movie Awards last year for a fun change of pace. (These are a fab and inexpensive option.)

Bob: Blunt and Textured

The bob is a classic for a reason: It works on anyone and everyone, simply because there are so many variations of it out there. "It also doesn't matter if you have fine or thick hair, as it's really all about the length and the hair all sitting in the same spot," says Fugate.

What's more, you can customize the bob cut for your face shape, says Saviano, whether it's chin-length, right below the chin, or grazing the ears.

The bob is basically as inclusive as a cut can get — you just need to know what style flatters your features the best. (Here, Lucy Hale wears hers textured and right at the jawline.)

Bob: Choppy Layers

Rihanna wears her curly hair cropped with a sleek middle part and face-framing angles.

Bob: Pin-Straight

If you have an oval face like Insecure star Yvonne Orji then this super-sleek, pin-straight crop will look lovely on you, as it helps sculpt the face and lift the cheekbones — without having to whip out your contour powder.

Bob: Long with Layers

Shorter says she loves to see more texture on mature women, as it helps to ease any fine lines and it always looks chic. Jada Pinkett-Smith has had both long and short hair in recent years, but this style is easily one of our favorites.

Bob: Angled

Fences star Viola Davis wears a sleek, angled bob with a slight wave in the front, which Saviano says adds a "softness" to the face in mature women.

Bob: Deep Part

Katie Holmes ear-grazing cut looks especially amazing paired with a bold side part, which elongates her face and neck. Tucking your hair behind your ear and letting the fuller side fall forward is another easy way to enhance your features.

Bob: Graduated

Our inimitable September 2017 cover star Helen Mirren — the Dame herself — wears her silver hair just below her ears with subtle sideswept bangs.

Bob: Curled With Bangs

Gayle King's piece-y fringe and soft curls draw attention to her eyes and frame her face in an ultra-flattering way that works at any age but is especially fabulous on mature women.

Curls: Rounded Cut

Curls, curls, curls! Shorter advises the best curly cut for all ages is around shoulder length with a touch of roundness to it. "It accentuates all face types and works well with waves, curls and coils," she explains. Black-ish's Yara Shahidi wears her natural curls on the regular, and never fails to elicit major hair envy when she does.

Curls: With Bangs

Zendaya wears her coils cut just below the shoulders with bangs, which, according to Shorter, has been extremely popular. "Curly bangs have been all the rage lately and work from loose curls to the tightest," she explains. Add extra shine to your strands with Vernon Francois's Pure~Fro Hold And Shine Serum.

Curls: Loose and Voluminous

Tori Kelly's blonde curls err more on the wavy side of the spectrum and have a fun, fresh-from-the-beach vibe that's ultra-flattering.

Curls: Blunt Lob

While Oprah often wears her hair straight these days, when she did fancy it curly, she was all about the strict-to-the-shoulders length and lots of volume.

Curls: Layered Lob

Actress and singer Margaret Avery wears her curly strands just above the shoulders and layered throughout.

The Lob: Piecey Ends

Otherwise known as the long bob, the "lob" is easily one of the most ubiquitously-worn cuts we've seen in recent years. And you know why? Because it's another cut that looks amazing no matter what your age. Take it from Shorter, too, who says, "[a] deep side-parted lob is a striking cut and works well to give anyone a polished look," adding that she loves to see a super sleek version on younger women and lots of texture on those who are more advanced in age. Selena Gomez chopped her long hair into a lob style last year, and we've been living for the look ever since.

The Lob: Blunt

Gabrielle Union regularly switches up her strands — because why not? — but sported this sleek, center-parted lob last year at a pre-party for the ESPYs. (Cue everyone swooning.)

The Lob: Allover Layers

Savaiano is another fan of the lob, touting it as a great cut for any face shape. What he does recommend, though, is that mature women keep things on the softer side — meaning no harsh middle parts or iron-straight strands. "Keep the softness and you can pull it off at any age," he says. Penelope Cruz has worn just about every hair length under the sun, but this shoulder-grazing cut is one we're most smitten with on the star.

The Lob: Face-Framing

Kelly Ripa fancies adding a bit of bend to her hair, which allows it to fall and frame her face in laid-back way.

The Lob: Soft and Wavy

Susan Sarandon nails the textured, "lived-in" lob look like no other. Try using Ouai's Wave Spray on damp hair and then diffusing to cop a similar look.

Midlength: Beachy Texture and Blunt Ends

Reese Witherspoon has been wearing her trademark blonde hair at this medium length — with few exceptions — for what feels like decades now. And you know why? Because it's timeless, that's why. Medium styles are extremely versatile since they can be worn in so many different ways, which is exactly why they complement so many people.

Midlength: Sideswept

Have a similar cut and hair type to Lea Michele? Try sweeping the majority of your hair to one side — eschewing a noticeable part — as this gives off an effortless vibe and adds volume.

Midlength: Straight and Sleek

Let it be known: Lily Collins is not one to shy from bold hair transformations (the actress has trialed pixies, lobs, and more). One universally chic cut we're partial to is this just-above-the-boob cut, which she wore pin-straight and shiny to an event last year.

Midlength: Tons of Texture

Julia Roberts is a glowing fountain of youth with skin-illuminating highlights and slightly gritty, just-back-from-the-beach texture. If your hair is at a similar length to hers, you can't go wrong.

Midlength: Long Layers and Side Bangs

Christie Brinkley is another celeb who's chosen to wear her sunny blonde hair in a similar style for years and years. For events, the model-slash-actress usually goes for loose waves with lots of volume — a look that literally works for everyone. No exceptions.

Waves: One Length

When it comes to long hair, there's a myriad of different lengths and styles you can shoot for — i.e. waist-length and straight, boob-grazing and tousled — though Shorter recommends waves with a center part for every age, as she says it offers a "super relaxed and youthful look."

Fugate also adds that as long as you have healthy hair, you can wear it long regardless of how old you are. Amanda Seyfried keeps her luscious strands shiny and sleek with a low-key loose curl to it.

Waves: Layered Throughout

Priyanka Chopra wears her medium length hair with long, face-framing layers, which highlights her prominent cheekbones. This style of cut works well on a gamut of face shapes, as the length is very forgiving. (Pro tip: When adding subtle waves to your hair, be sure to prime first with a protective spray or serum like Verb's Ghost Prep.

Waves: Long, Blunt Layers

Cindy Crawford's blunt ends help accentuate how thick and healthy her hair is, while shorter pieces in the front soften her angular features.

Waves: Long Choppy Layers

Pro tip: Incorporating layers into long hair (as seen on Regina Hall, here) is a foolproof way to add body and movement.

Waves: Long Pointy Layers

All hail Connie Britton, the long hair queen who's worn it boob-length or below her entire career — and somewhere along the way became famous for it.

Waves: Midlength With Layers

Michelle Pfeiffer's lightly-layered style falls just far enough below her shoulders to make it into the Long Hair Club.

Pixie: Shaggy

Fugate swears by the cropped cut, aka. the pixie, for women of all ages, as does Shorter. "It's a haircut that says strength, confidence, and fun" and "can work at any age and texture to exude the same feelings," she says.

Cara Delevingne shaved off her hair entirely for a film role, but it's since grown out a bit, giving her the chance to play with fun makeup looks and bold accessories.

Pixie: Long on Top

The singer-songwriter wore her pixie slightly spiked in the front, adding an edgy effect we're very much about. (Cop Halsey's rocker-chic look by using a tiny amount of Living Proof's Molding Clay to create a piece-y effect.)

Pixie: Sideswept

Swept oh-so-slightly to the side, Winnie Harlow wore her crop sleek and straight in Cannes this year.

Pixie: Classic

Jennifer Hudson's cute crop shows off her stunning features — the sideswept fringe creating the perfect frame for her gorgeous eyes.

Pixie: Purposefully Disheveled

Zöe Kravitz's spiked pixie, which is just a wee bit longer at the top and textured throughout, is the perfect way to style a short cut if you're into edgier looks like the Big Little Lies star tends to go for. It also brings attention to a bold brow and allows your beautiful features to take center stage.

Pixie: Soft and Layered

Truth be told, I can't imagine Ellen Degeneres without her signature pixie. It's clearly a cut that works for her and makes her feel like her best self, and that's all that matters, right?

Pixie: Elevated

"Whether you're 20 or 60 you can pull off a pixie cut," says hairstylist David Babaii of Kate Hudson's pushed-back pixie. While growing it out, styling it this way with a bit of texturizing paste takes seconds — and looks damn-good no matter your number.

The Shag: Long Layers

Oh, the shag. It's the ultimate "cool-girl cut," if you will, and that's likely because it typically looks great on a wide range of people, which Saviano says is because you can play around a lot with the layers. "You can have them longer and flatter or with more body and bangs if you want," he explains, adding that it doesn't matter if your hair is shoulder length or longer, and that it can be modified for any face shape.

Multi-hyphenate talent Alexa Chung is probably most well known for her signature shag, a French girl-inspired cut that makes her look the epitome of chic. Get a similar texture to Chung's by using Moroccan Oil's Dry Texture Spray.

The Shag: Short Layers

Taylor Swift's sideswept shag (paired with an icy dye job) elicited a completely edgy vibe out of the country-pop singer.

The Shag: Medium Layers

Diane Sawyer's midlength shag, which showcases both long and short layers is ideal for someone who wants to experiment with the rocker-chic style cut without going all in yet. Subtle side bangs also help soften features while making your eyes stand out.

Below the Shoulder: Straight and Layered

Not sure if you can pull off short hair just yet? (Spoiler alert: you can.) But if you're someone who's used to having long strands, we 100 percent understand the apprehension. That's why a midlength cut like Jennifer Aniston's, which falls slightly below the shoulders, is an awesome segway, as it's an ideal medium between lengths: not too short, nor too long. Oh yeah, and it works on just about everyone.

Below the Shoulder: Middle Part

Octavia Spencer's chic medium-length cut looks fabulous is accentuated with a crisp middle part — a style that looks especially great on rounder face shapes.

Below the Shoulder: Soft Waves

Laura Dern's classic collarbone-graving cut looks stunning styled in loose waves, with the hair facing away from her face to show off her features (those cheekbones, though).

Below the Shoulder: Deep Side Part

If you tend to go for a middle part, try experimenting with a deep side part like Rose Byrne did here, as it's a great way to switch up your look and see your features in a totally new way.

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