WitchTokers to Follow to Add Some Magic to Your FYP

I can’t be the only TikTok fanatic under WitchTok’s spell.

This vibrant, diverse pocket of the popular video-sharing app is full of proud witches who share everything from magical how-tos, to philosophical takes on spirituality, to opinions on celebrity news. Their practices run the gamut: Some identify with the Pagan tradition, while others are independent practitioners whose spell-work is informed by their cultural background.

Granted, not every WitchToker is a reliable source for magical advice. Some “baby witches,” as the community calls its newbies, had experienced spell-casters in an uproar in 2020 when they tried to hex the moon. Other users in the community got flack this summer for sharing information on how to induce an abortion with herbs, which is a) very unsafe without the guidance of a trained professional and b) violates TikTok’s community guidelines.

Luckily, irresponsible WitchTokers are the exception to the rule. Whether you’re looking to imbue some magic into your cooking, your wardrobe, or your life in general, I guarantee there is a witchy creator whose content will charm you. Read on to learn more about 8 WitchTokers redefining what it means to be a witch in the modern age.


4 Never-Ending Steps ? #spirituality #witchtok #witch #spiritualjourney

Black queer creative Lexx Heavy shares practical witch tips and philosophical takes on spirituality with an enthusiastic, approachable vibe. They were featured in an October episode of PBS’s Subcultured about TikTok witches. Lexx’s videos are also beautifully filmed, so it’s easy to see why they’ve amassed more than 100,000 followers in less than a year.


Capsule Wardrobe shift from Taurus season greens to Gemini season yellows ?➡️? #capsulewardrobe #gemini #yellow #mercury #astrology #zodiac #spirituality #spiritual #fashion #fashiontiktok #style #outfit #clothinghaul #witch #witchtok

Glamour magic practitioner Gabi Rosales believes every outfit is a spell. This witchy stylist teaches her followers how to infuse the energies of the current astrological season or planetary day into their outfits and accessories. Between her soothing voice and propensity for bold colors, her content is aesthetically pleasing AF, not to mention informative.


ok maybe that was 4 things Protection is anything protective but can be more specific when repeling something. Here are ways that I do it. Cleansing repels what is already there. Shielding is like a fence to keep unwanted things out. Warding is like setting up guards at each post. Be sure to reset your shields and cleanse your wards #beginnerwitchtips #kitchenwitchery #witchymamacommunity #cottagewitch #hedgewitch #greenwitch #witchcraftlessons #folkwitch #housewitch #beginnerwitch101 #beginnerwitch

A practicing witch since 1999, Lacey brings a sense of authority to an online space overrun with newbie practitioners. Her advice is clear, concise, and actionable, making her TikTok account an ideal follow for anyone hoping to weave a little magic and intention into their everyday life.


???✨ #witchcraft #witchtip #witchtok #kitchenwitch #soup

Kalei of @thecrystalpatch also offers practical witch tips with a focus on kitchen witchcraft, which is exactly what it sounds like: infusing magic into your food, beverages, and general cooking practices. Additionally, she is very knowledgeable about crystals and runs an online crystal shop where viewers can purchase stones of their own.


Answer to @pandar0ze #kitchenwitch #SipIntoSummer #vvitchtok #witchtips #beginnerwitchtips #witchcrafttips #simmerpot #cleansing #grimoire #newmoon

A fellow kitchen witch of the Pagan tradition, Madge LaRue makes TikToks containing magical advice for beginner and advanced spell-casters alike. I’m a big fan of her simmer pots, which involve boiling different combinations of fruits, herbs, and spices for long amounts of time to call in their corresponding energies or cleanse your space.


#crystalsforbeginners #recommendations #crystalguidance #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalhealing #crystals101 #crystalwitch #babywitch #babywitchtok

Are you curious about crystals? Then Jen Faeline, AKA @crystalguidance, is a great follow. This experienced crystal witch walks viewers through choosing the correct crystals for their practice, differentiating between similar-looking stones, and using crystals in a safe, effective manner.


You got this #witchtok #meditation101

This queer power couple bills themselves as TikTok’s witchy Aunties — and you, their niblings. Their videos empower viewers to protect their energy, manifest their hopes and dreams, and live more peacefully with tools like meditation and mantras. What’s not to love?


The litter box and broom trick always work #witchtips#witchtipsforbeginners#witchtok#evileye#banefulmagick#witch101#fyp

Tori of @electickarma makes content about everything from beginner witch tips to #relatable moments for those of us who practice witchcraft in this non-witchy world. Most of the spells she shares revolve around drawing in financial prosperity or repelling negative energy from your home or body.

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