There’s One Thing You’re Probably Missing When It Comes To Sun Protection

It has been drummed into us from the time we could talk ­– slip, slop, slap. And most of us have had enough sunburn horror stories to know that the Aussie sun is nothing to be messed with.

But what you might not know is that you could actually be doing more to protect yourself, especially while you’re working out. Traditional sports bras and active wear don’t often fully cover your arms and shoulders while offering maximum comfort. Enter: The Brazzi Sun Bra.

Here are some of its winning attributes.

Of course, sun protection 

This stylish, long sleeved sports bra offers simple sun protection without messy, discolouring creams and constant reapplication. The majority of skin cancers are the result of solar UV radiation, which also causes up to 90 per cent of the visible signs of ageing. The Brazzi Sun Bra is made with UVF 50 sun factor protective fabric, and it’s been tested in Australia, so it blocks out those harmful rays. It also covers the areas of your body you might often miss when you’re out jogging in a regular sports bra.  

It’s breathable and cooling

The Brazzi Sun Bra is made with lightweight, wicking fabric, designed to allow free airflow between the fabric and your skin. It also draws moisture away from your body, letting your skin breathe and cool down while you’re working out.

It’s stylish

Let’s be honest – what comes to mind when you say “sun protective clothing” are the rashies our exasperated parent’s used to shoe horn us into back in the day. The Brazzi Sun Bra is way more stylish thanks to its simple colouring and design. It’s incredibly versatile, easily worn under other lightweight shirts and singlets.  

There’s no doubt it’s a worthwhile addition to your active wear wardrobe. 

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