Teen Vogue’s ‘Best summer vagina ever’ advice gets mercilessly mocked

Sunglasses, sun cream, lighter clothing, sandals, a less miserable demeanour – the great British summer is here, and no doubt you’ve adapted the warmer weather and lighter nights.

But according to Teen Vogue, there’s one area us ladies really need to revamp for summer – our vaginas .

The sister publication to the style bible recently came under fire for its oddly-titled article, "How to get your best summer vagina ever."

Covering vaginal health, it explains that "the unique elements of summer – water, sunshine, sand, sweat – can be tricky to navigate".

Not only were readers were quick to ridicule it, but one doctor pointed out some problems with it.

"How to get your best summer vagina ever."

Teen Vogue’s advice on vaginal health begins:

"While you might think there’s little difference in the TLC she gets every other season, ob-gyns note that summer is especially important to pay attention to any symptoms, changes, and funkiness you notice south of the border," it says.

It goes on to explain how wet bathing suits, going camping or hiking, sunbathing naked, sand, outdoor workouts, frequent travel, and ‘summer loving’ can all play havoc with vaginal health.

However well-intended the article, initially it was the title which caused readers to raise their eyebrows.

But it’s not just the headline (since changed to ‘How to keep your vagina healthy all summer’) which people have found tricky.

Dr Jen Gunter, who has debunked health advice (mostly vaginal) touted by Gwyneth Paltrow , points a huge problem – vaginal neglect in the summer is not a thing.

"Vaginas function quite well in all seasons. Really. I run a clinic for vulvovaginal disorders and we are no busier when it is hot," she wrote on her blog.

"The only possible issue that women might have during the summer months is with their vulva if they start a new hair removal technique or do more hair removal.

"This can lead to ingrown hairs, injuries, and an increased risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)."

In response to the advice given by Teen Vogue, Dr Gunter has the following:

1. "A vagina cannot dry out because of the heat. I mean…I can’t even…

2. "A wet bathing suit cannot change your vaginal pH.

"The vaginal pH is maintained by estrogen, lactobacilli (good bacteria), and glycogen (a storage sugar that comes from the surface epithelial cells of the vagina). None. Of. These. Are. Affected. By. A. Wet. Bathing. Suit.

3. "Don’t put wipes in your vagina, ok?

4. "I wouldn’t spray my underwear with bug spray.

5. "It’s not ‘highly unlikely’ that you will sunburn your vagina Teen Vogue it is impossible.

6. "If you get some sand vaginally, yes, it will come out on its own and a “quick rinse in the shower or bath” should be enough to get it off your skin."

So there you go.

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