Mysterious condition caused people to cruelly nickname a man ‘alien’

Labourer, 21, is cruelly branded an ‘alien’ due to his large head and deep-set eyes

  • Anshu Kumar is thought to have multiple conditions that doctors can’t diagnose
  • He walks abnormally, has difficulty standing and cannot grow hair on his head
  • Earning just £50 a month, Mr Kumar cannot afford to visit a medical specialist
  • He hopes the government will step in and help fund his treatment
  • Mr Kumar wishes to live a normal life and hopes to one day get married  
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A mysterious medical condition has caused a man to be cruelly nicknamed ‘alien’ by local villagers. 

Anshu Kumar, 21, from Jagatpur, India, is thought to suffer from multiple diseases that doctors have been unable to diagnose, leaving him with an enlarged head and deep-set narrow eyes.

His condition, which may be Jacobsen syndrome, also causes Mr Kumar to walk abnormally, have difficulty standing and be unable to grow any hair on his head.

Earning just £50 a month as a labourer, Mr Kumar is unable to afford to visit a specialist who may be able to finally diagnose his disorder.

Mr Kumar hopes the government will step in and help fund his treatment so he can live a normal life.

He said: ‘I look different and nobody likes me because of this.

‘I want to get normal so that I can marry soon.’ 

Anshu Kumar is cruelly nicknamed ‘alien’ due to a mysterious medical condition 

Mr Kumar suffers from an enlarged head and deep-set narrow eyes due to multiple disorders

His parents Kamlesh (left), 46, and Rajendri, 38, (right) say they have almost lost all hope


Jacobsen syndrome is caused by the deletion of several genes on chromosome 11.

This usually occurs randomly due to an error in cell division.

Jacobsen syndrome affects around one in 100,000 newborns.  

Physical symptoms include:

  • Large head 
  • Wide-set, droopy eyes 
  • Small, low-set ears 
  • Pointed looking forehead 
  • Broad nose
  • Thin upper lip 

Sufferers may also experience learning difficulties, delayed speech, bleeding disorders and heart defects.

There is no cure.

Treatment focuses on managing bleeding, heart defects and eye abnormalities.

Source: Rare Diseases

‘Children are frightened by my looks’ 

Speaking of how people treat him, Mr Kumar said: ‘I always face sarcasm from people and after one Bollywood movie based on aliens, people started to call me an alien.

‘Whenever I travel to my village on the train people and children are frightened by my looks and keep their distance from me.

‘I ignore people but I cannot close my ears every time. 

‘I feel unlucky and hope for a normal physical shape.’ 

Mr Kumar’s father Kamlesh, 46, who earns around £150 a month as a casual labourer, said: ‘Anshu was born with different physical traits and we took him to the local doctor but the doctor was unable to diagnose the disease properly.

‘We lost all hopes of recovery.’

Mr Kumar’s condition also causes him to walk abnormally and have difficulty standing 

The mysterious group of disorders has also left Mr Kumar unable to grow hair on his head

He wishes for treatment so he can live a normal life and get married in the future 

Mr Kumar hopes the government will step in and help fund the treatment he cannot afford

Mr Kumar (pictured with his youngest brother) said children are frightened by his appearance

Mr Kumar (pictured with two friends) claims many people dislike him due to his looks 

His father said Mr Kumar was born looking different and they tried to get him diagnosed 

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