Loudspeaker announcements in the furniture store cause Tinnitus?

Loudspeaker announcements in the furniture store will not lead to Tinnitus: the social court Dortmund rejects recognition as a work accident

A furniture salesman in a furniture store several times over a speaker system, this does not lead to a Tinnitus. This has. the social court Dortmund on Monday, 29 In April 2019, announced the judgment “in the case of life near Würdigung“ established, and recognition is rejected as an insured accident at work (Az.: S 17 U 1169/16).

The plaintive furniture the seller had made at the professional Association is a accident at work claim, because he has been repeatedly calling over the speaker system of the business, from colleagues. He had a “sustainable Hörschaden“ suffered. His head found itself at the time of the speakers to say only about two to 2.50 meters below the speaker. A doctor had diagnosed the man actually damage the Ear.

However, it is true-to-life assessment is a “bad thing auszuschließen“, the Hearing loss is due to the multiple speakers, was the social court in its judgment of 29. March 2019. This is to be self-excluded, when under a loud voice to the colleagues of the plaintiff directly under the speaker system I found. An accident at work are not spent. fle/mwo