Jeannie Mai Shares Her Workout Routine After Revealing She Gained 17 lbs.

After revealing she gained 17 pounds, Jeannie Mai is now sharing the workouts that are helping to build more muscle.

On Wednesday, the 39-year-old talk show host posted a video of herself working out with her trainer at HVY Industry in West Hollywood, California.

“I used to RUN from heavy weights like ?? bcuz I was sooo afraid of ‘getting buff’ or ‘looking like a dude.’ Not tuhday hunnay. After 9 months of consuming healthy calories to bulk my bod, I’m now lifting heavy to shape & slowwly build muscle to get stronger,” Mai began.

“1. Bench Squats (95-115lbs) 12 reps – 3 sets. 2. Hip Thrusters (95 lbs) 16-18 reps- 4 sets (but my goal is to build up to 6 sets, and I WILL lift my own body weight in Jesus name ha!)” Mai continued.

“3. Cable kickbacks (30 lbs) x 12 each leg – 4 sets. 4. Deadlifts (115 lbs) x 12 reps – 4 sets.”

While it certainly seems like a lot of hard work, Mai said there’s a reason for every exercise as it helps a particular part of the body.

“Bench Squats: Clean up form, watch them knees, get low to see that femur (thigh bone) parallel to the floor. (Twerkers rejoice).”

“Hip Thrusters: QWEEN of building booty, hamstrings, back muscle. This exercise gives you optimal hip extension- power in your glutes, the most powerful muscles in ur bod.”

“Cable kickback: Targets all 3 glutes (minimus, medius & maximus, low-back, builds the BOOTY SHELF,” Mai continued.

“Deadlifts: legit Mai fave exercise of all time. All-bawdy, all day. DLs train from your feet to your hands and everything in between,” Mai concluded.

Mai first shared her weight gain journey in May. The Real co-anchor opened up to PEOPLE about her struggles with food and why she decided to change her body.

“It was a lot of over-control,” Mai said. “I was eating— if you were my friend and you hung out with me, you would see me just normally eating my food— but there was a level of control to it that I knew if I woke up the next day and weighed myself I was over 103 [pounds], I would scale it back and make sure that I didn’t creep one ounce over that weight.”

“Everywhere you go somebody is on a diet. Everywhere you go in L.A. there is a no carb option. I stayed at that weight because it’s what I thought I should be because I’m already small and I also lost a lot of weight since high school,” Mai continued.

It wasn’t until Mai was scrolling on Instagram one day that she realized she needed to change.

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“I was just inspired by Instagram and seeing a lot of these workouts videos and also ‘transformation Tuesday’— one of my favorite hashtags— just seeing how many people reported they were changing their bodies through their workouts and I was like, ‘No way, is this really real?’” Mai said.

That’s when Mai took a trip to the doctor and learned how to gain weight in a healthy way. She now weighs 121 lbs.

“I feel more like a woman than I ever have before.”

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