You Can Now Spike Your PSL with Some Pumpkin Spice Rum

Remember that time we put out a poll on Instagram asking if August was too soon to start dreaming up pumpkin content for you? Yah, well, Imma let you finish, but fall is the best season of the year, and I’m ready for it — which means buckle up, cause that autumnal gourd content’s coming your way.

I’ll ease you into it with something boozy. Interested? This stuff right here is pumpkin spice … wait for it … RUM. Spiced rum is nothing new — especially not for Captain Morgan, the brand that makes this stuff and three different spiced rum varieties. It’s just that usually those alcohols have flavors of cinnamon and orange and nutmeg. Not pumpkin. Never pumpkin. Until recently, that is.

Captain Morgan’s Jack-O-Blast (yes, that’s really the name of this stuff) is flavorful enough to drink straight-up as a shot, with no chaser. But you could add it to a cocktail — or maybe a PSL — if you’re looking for something to sip on. Or, you know, you could just stare at the bottle. It’s a very meta, very adorable bulbous container with a stem, so it looks like a pumpkin.

This is when you say “aye aye, Captain” and go buy a bottle.

From: Delish

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