The Pioneer Woman’s Famous Ice Cream Cake Is Made Entirely With Store-Bought Ingredients

Summertime is ice cream cake season, and if you’ve been craving one of these frozen, layered treats, then Ree Drummond (a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman) is here to save the day. She has a recipe for delicious ice cream cake that is made entirely from store-bought ingredients, which means there’s virtually no prep involved. Just assemble, freeze, and cut, and you’re ready to dive in.

The base of Drummond’s ice cream cake is a frozen pound cake you can buy in the bakery section of any grocery store. She cuts the pound cake lengthways three times to create three layers for her cake and puts the bottom slice in a disposable loaf pan (you can probably use the same one the pound cake came in) that’s been lined with plastic wrap for easy removal once the cake is assembled.

Drummond uses vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate chip ice cream, as well as chopped and sprinkled peanut butter cups and M&Ms, in between the pound cake layers, but you can use whatever flavored ice cream and candies you’d like. Just make sure your ice cream has been sitting out and is softened a bit for easy spreading.

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Drummond completes the cake with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and more chopped candy, and she then loosely covers the cake with the overhanging plastic wrap before placing it back into the freezer.

After it’s been freezing for an hour or so, you can use the plastic wrap to remove it from the loaf tin and then cut the cake into slices for everyone at the gathering (or for yourself!).

“I made this twice and it’s so delicious!” one person commented. Another joked, “I refuse to like this video because I gained five pounds just looking at that deliciousness!”

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You can’t get much simpler than this ice cream cake recipe. It’s no-bake, no-cook, and no-sweat. Grab the full recipe right here.

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